CLOSED Call for Papers: Special Issue on Formal Methods Applied to Cyber-Physical Systems

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Submissions Due: 18 January 2021

Submission deadline: 18 January 2021
Publication: September 2021

The integration of computer systems into the interfaces to physical devices and social activities (for example, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Facebook) has grown by leaps and bounds and is now pervasive. However, there appears to be gaps in our ability to construct cyber-physical systems with the built-in design and implementation to provide the assurance that they will behave correctly. Even the definition of correct behavior is lacking. Existing tools seem to be inadequate for modeling the correct behavior of cyber-physical systems and difficult to use to provide assurances that the models are not oversimplified, are consistent with physical principles, and are implemented as specified.

Topics of interest for this special issue include, but are not limited to:

  • Modeling the interface between the cyber and physical partitions of systems
  • Lightweight formal methods for verification and validation of cyber-physical systems
  • Modeling uncertainty in cyber-physical systems and the environments in which they operate
  • Managing levels of abstraction in modeling cyber-physical systems
  • Composition aspects of cyber-physical systems
  • Integration of formal methods into lifecycle processes and toolchains
  • Lowering the time to market and cost of applying formal methods in the development of cyber-physical systems

Submission Guidelines

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Please contact the guest editors at

Lead Guest Editor:

Dr. J. Bret Michael, Ph.D., Professor (tenured), Naval Postgraduate School

Co-Guest Editors:

Dr. Duminda Wijesekera, Professor (tenured), George Mason University
Dr. Doron Drusinsky, Associate Professor (tenured), Naval Postgraduate School