Closed Call for Stories: Special Issue on The Big 50: Celebrating 50 ACM SIGGRAPH Conferences

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Submissions Due: 1 October 2022

Submissions due: 1 October 2022

Publication: July/August 2023

ACM SIGGRAPH is holding its 50th annual conference in August 2023. IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications is joining in the celebration with a special issue that celebrates favorite ACM SIGGRAPH memories.

When people who have attended ACM SIGGRAPH conferences get together, one of the first things you hear is, “Do you remember…?” Remembering, sharing, trading stories—we all do it. In this special issue, we will create an archival record of many of those memories. Of necessity, each will have to be short.

Below are some ideas to kick-start your thinking. The editors will assemble and organize the accepted materials per the categories, which are loosely taken from the website (a work in progress). The site will create a digital archive of ACM SIGGRAPH history.

Anyone (young, old, middle age) can share a memory from any conference. Please include your memory’s “and why” significance. P.S. The questions are suggestions and are not exhaustive. Feel free to suggest other categories.

People you met

  • Most amazing person you met
  • What you talked about
  • Life-long friend
  • Collaborator(s) on what subject


  • The most inspirational talk you heard
  • technical papers
  • Favorite technical papers you use in your job
  • Courses you learned most from
  • Favorite keynote
  • Most impactful new technology
  • Where learning took place (art papers, talks, workshops, exhibits, emerging technology)


  • Favorite piece from the Electronic Theater or Computer Animation Festival
  • Most impressive art show piece(s)
  • Emerging technology you discussed when you returned home
  • Impact of being a student volunteer
  • Best local chapter program
  • Most unique exhibit or emerging technology booth

Just for fun

  • Favorite receptions, parties, concerts, contests (e.g., T-shirts, trivia bowls, scavenger hunts, pre-film show entertainment)
  • Best party? Best ribbon?
  • On-site catastrophes
  • Longest lines
  • Best vendor swag/giveaway you received
  • ACM-SIGGRAPH clothing you still wear
  • Number of ACM-SIGGRAPH pins, ribbons, and badges you still have

Submission Guidelines

Each submission must be less than 2000 characters (~350 words). Submissions can include one picture or image for which you own the rights or can get permission for publication in print and electronically. If accepted, you will also need to sign an IEEE copyright release.
Please limit to one memory per submission. You’re welcome to submit multiple memories.

Enter your basic information through this form.



Contact the guest editors at

Guest Editors

Mary Whitton, co-editor CG&A Visual Computing: Origins, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill-retired
Dave Kasik, co-editor CG&A Visual Computing: Origins, Boeing-retired
Chris Johnson, co-editor CG&A; Visual Computing: Origins, University of Utah