S&P Reviewers

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Information for IEEE Security & Privacy Reviewers

Please read the IEEE Computer Society’s Reviewer Guidelines for detailed information on peer review responsibilities and workflows. Additionally, please read the following information and tips specific to S&P.

Reviewing for this magazine is different from reviewing for a conference or journal. Articles are approximately six pages and should be accessible to the broad spectrum of readers of S&P. Please read the author guidelines thoroughly to understand the scope, structure, topic, and other requirements for S&P manuscripts.

For your reference, we’ve provided a .docx version of the review form that the peer review system will provide for you to fill in online. The main criteria are:

  • Is the article of general interest for a wide spectrum of readers, particularly with regard to relevancy to S&P?
  • Is the article presenting a topic in a very understandable way, but yet remaining at scientific level?
  • What are the key points? Is the submission technically sound? What are its strongest and weakest points?
  • Are the title and abstract appropriate? Does it contain the right references? Is it well-organized? How readable is it?
  • Is the article presenting the state of the art accurately? An article does not necessarily need to present completely new material. Often, material presented has been published and peer-reviewed elsewhere. For instance, an article about botnets could cover the state of the art and include an evaluation of the existing work and how the authors think better solutions should be or what could be the directions.
  • Is the article a good short systematization of knowledge, if it represents a survey?

ScholarOne generates an email invitation to review in response to an editor’s selection of you, the reviewer. The email source is onbehalfof@manuscriptcentral.com, and the subject line starts with Invitation to Review for the IEEE Security & Privacy. So if you have agreed out-of-band with an editor to review, please look for this email and/or fiddle with your spam filter to let email from manuscriptcentral.com through. The email invitation will ask you to indicate whether you accept the invitation, decline the invitation, or are unavailable. Accepting the invitation will generate another email and put you on a schedule for reminders generated by ScholarOne.

The follow-up email will provide a direct link to the site where you can access the paper and fill in a review, and a link to the general ScholarOne site for S&P where, upon logging in, you select the reviewer role and are presented with a list of papers you’ve agreed to review but have not yet completed. Selecting the one that was just assigned takes you to the same page as the direct link.