TVCG Replicability Stamp Now Available

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IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG), in collaboration with the Graphics Replicability Stamp Initiative (GRSI), now offers the TVCG Replicability Stamp to encourage sharing and replicability of scientific results in the TVCG community. This initiative, which is supported by a growing list of publishers, journals, and conferences in computer graphics, promotes reproducibility of research results, allowing scientists and practitioners to benefit from state-of-the-art research results.

GRSI ( is an independent group of volunteers who help the community by promoting sharing of code and data as a community resource for non-commercial use. The volunteers at GRSI check the submitted code (and data) and certify its replicability.

The TVCG Replicability Stamp is an additional recognition for authors of accepted TVCG papers who are interested in providing a complete implementation of their algorithms, allowing replication of the results presented in their paper. The stamp is not meant to be a measure of the scientific quality of the paper or of the usefulness of the algorithms, but is only meant to be an endorsement of the replicability of the results presented in the paper.

Any paper accepted for publication in TVCG on or after Jan. 1, 2018 is eligible to apply for the stamp. Applications for the TVCG Replicability Stamp will be considered only after the paper has been accepted. Participation in this initiative is entirely at the discretion of the authors. Accepted papers that are awarded the TVCG Replicability Stamp will receive additional exposure by being identified in the IEEE Computer Society Digital Library and on the GRSI website. The initiative is limited for 2018 to the papers directly submitted to TVCG.

The application process

The notification letter for any paper accepted for publication in TVCG will contain information about the TVCG Replicability Stamp as well as a pointer to the application form at, where the authors should specify the TVCG paper ID (e.g., TVCG-2018-xx-xxxx) in addition to some metadata. Authors will be asked to provide the URL to their code repository, as well as instructions on how to compile and replicate the results. The code should compile on a vanilla installation of one of the major operating systems (Linux, MacOSX, or Windows), have a license that allows non-commercial usage, and depend only on libraries that are free for academic or research purposes. The code quality will not be evaluated. In its simplest form, the code should reproduce the data used to generate every resulting figure shown in the paper.