TPDS Articles with Reproducibility Badges

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TPDS Articles with Reproducibility Badges

Jia Shi; Ruipeng Li; Yuanzhe Xi; Yousef Saad; Maarten V. de Hoop, “Planetary Normal Mode Computation: Parallel Algorithms, Performance, and Reproducibility

Zaifeng PanFeng ZhangHourun LiChenyang ZhangXiaoyong DuDong Deng, G-SLIDE: A GPU-Based Sub-Linear Deep Learning Engine via LSH Sparsification

Jonas H. Müller Korndörfer, Ahmed Eleliemy, Ali Mohammed, and Florina M. Ciorba, “LB4OMP: A Dynamic Load Balancing Library for Multithreaded Applications

Jed Mills, Jia Hu, and Geyong Min, “Multi-Task Federated Learning for Personalised Deep Neural Networks in Edge Computing

Shreshth Tuli; Shivananda R. Poojara; Satish N. Srirama; Giuliano Casale; Nicholas R. Jennings, “COSCO: Container Orchestration Using Co-Simulation and Gradient Based Optimization for Fog Computing Environments

Dylan Chapp, Nigel Tan, Sanjukta Bhowmick, and Michela Taufer, “Identifying Degree and Sources of Non-Determinism in MPI Applications Via Graph Kernels

Feng Zhang; Zheng Chen; Chenyang Zhang; Amelie Chi Zhou; Jidong Zhai; Xiaoyong Du, “An Efficient Parallel Secure Machine Learning Framework on GPUs

Feng Zhang; Jiya Su; Weifeng Liu; Bingsheng He; Ruofan Wu; Xiaoyong Du; Rujia Wang, “YuenyeungSpTRSV: A Thread-Level and Warp-Level Fusion Synchronization-Free Sparse Triangular Solve

Chenyang Zhang; Feng Zhang; Xiaoguang Guo; Bingsheng He; Xiao Zhang; Xiaoyong Du, “iMLBench: A Machine Learning Benchmark Suite for CPU-GPU Integrated Architectures

Laurens Versluis; Roland Mathá; Sacheendra Talluri; Tim Hegeman; Radu Prodan; Ewa Deelman; Alexandru Iosup, “The Workflow Trace Archive: Open-Access Data From Public and Private Computing Infrastructures

Roland Matha, Sasko Ristov, Thomas Fahringer, and Radu Prodan, “Simplified Workflow Simulation on Clouds based on Computation and Communication Noisiness

Danijel Zlaus and Domen Mongus, “Efficient Method for Parallel Computation of Geodesic Transformation on CPU

Rafael Tolosana-Calasanz; Javier Diaz-Montes; Omer F. Rana; Manish Parashar, “Feedback-Control & Queueing Theory-Based Resource Management for Streaming Applications