CLOSED Call for Papers: Special Section on Blockchain Intelligence: Technologies and Applications

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Submissions Due: 15 September 2020

Blockchain as a decentralized ledger without a central authority has drawn enormous attention in diverse application fields in recent years. Despite the advantages of blockchain, the evolution of blockchain technologies has also experienced a number of challenges including malicious behaviors, vulnerable code in smart contracts on top of blockchain, and poor scalability. The recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have brought opportunities in overcoming the challenges of blockchain development. Consequently, the integration of AI and blockchain technologies becomes a promising trend to promote the benign evolution of the blockchain ecosystem. The intelligent capability bestowed by AI on the blockchain ecosystem is called blockchain intelligence.

Although the advent of blockchain intelligence has spawned a large number of new technologies and applications, the fusion of blockchain and AI also poses several emerging research challenges, such as malicious behavior detection in blockchain, quality assurance of smart contracts, and scalability improvement of blockchain systems. Therefore, it is necessary to design intelligent algorithms and mechanisms for the blockchain ecosystem and develop diverse blockchain intelligence applications.

This special section aims to solicit the state-of-art technologies and applications in the blockchain intelligence area. The anticipated submissions could be unpublished high-quality original contributions in either theoretical/analytic studies, review articles, or experimental works. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • AI-enabled Scalable Blockchains
  • AI-enabled Cloud and Edge Computing Orchestration over Blockchains
  • AI-enabled Incentive Mechanisms in Blockchains
  • AI-enabled Operation and Maintenance of Blockchain Systems
  • AI-enabled Bug-Fixing Algorithms towards Smart Contracts
  • Intelligent Quality Assurance of Smart Contracts
  • Fraud-Detection based on Blockchain data and Smart Contracts using AI
  • Data Analytics to Identify Malicious Behaviours on Blockchains
  • New Architectures for Blockchain Intelligence
  • Security and Privacy Issues in Blockchain Intelligence
  • Blockchain-driven Intelligent Applications
  • Decentralized & Collaborative AI based on the Blockchain technologies
  • Data Exchange and Traffic Scheduling between AI systems and Blockchains
  • Proof-of-Concept Blockchains for AI systems: Experimental Prototyping and Testbeds

Important Dates

Submissions Due: September 15, 2020
Notification to Authors: October 15, 2020
Publication in 2021

Submission Guidelines

Visit the Author Information page for details on how to submit.

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