Top Tips for Attending a Virtual Computer Society Conference
Get the most out of Virtual Events with these tips.

Tips for attending a virtual conference

    1. Register Early

With no travel required and lower overhead costs, virtual conferences expand accessibility to a larger group of people. Just like an in-person conference, virtual conferences do have pre-set capacities, based on the expected number of attendees. Ensure your place by registering early.


    1. Plan Ahead

Curate your conference experience by determining your goals and priorities ahead of time. By creating a plan, you’ll gain the most from the event. Virtual conferences flow differently than in-person events, so schedule time for breaks, networking, and exploration. Also, be mindful of time zones and plan your availability accordingly.


    1. Support the Sponsors

Broaden your knowledge by visiting sponsor and supporter chat rooms, online exhibits, and sessions that align with your interests. Discover new opportunities and new solutions that will help propel your projects and your career.


    1. Test System Apps and Settings

Make sure that your device is set-up and ready to go by updating your system’s apps and settings. Each virtual conference platform has its own set of requirements. Helpful set-up guides and FAQs are available from virtual platforms, including On24, Zoom, and WebEx. Use the resources applicable to the conference’s service provider.


    1. Minimize Distractions

Attending a conference virtually comes with its own set of distractions. Treat the conference as the unique learning experience that it is! Turn off your email notifications. Set up a dedicated space for attending your event. Gather whatever you need to stay comfortable. Resist distractions – this time is an investment in yourself.


    1. Change Your Mindset

You may not have traveled to the conference, but treat the conference as seriously as if you had. Block off the time and use it to attend the virtual conference.


    1. Network and Engage

Don’t miss an opportunity to network with other attendees and engage with the sessions and presenters. Utilize the chat features, online meeting rooms, and social media to connect with other attendees. Join discussions that interest you, and participate by asking questions during the many Q&A opportunities.