Reliable, Safe, Secure, and Time-Deterministic Intelligent Systems
A community and forum for those with an interest in reliable, safe, secure, and time-deterministic intelligent systems


Intelligent systems, capable of making autonomous decisions based on AI algorithms, are expected to become widespread in several application fields (smart factories, autonomous vehicles, autonomous robots, and more). Such systems are complex and human decisions will rely more and more on intelligent systems’ decisions, thus mandating their dependability (their reliable, safe, secure, and time-deterministic operation in the field) as well as their interoperability.

Reliable, Safe, Secure, and Time-Deterministic Intelligent Systems Special Technical Community (STC) brings together experts in all related technologies required in this multi-topical field with the goal of moving toward an autonomous and intelligent world.

This new IEEE Computer Society community will allow volunteers in academia and industry to work together to develop the standards, publications, and conferences that are required for the Computer Society to lead the technical developments in this emerging field. Working with existing Computer Society Technical Communities and IEEE initiatives—as well as associations and partnerships—will result in a larger and wider collaborative effort for the evolution of  humanity. The new community will also create synergy with IEEE’s Global Initiative on Ethics for Autonomous and Intelligent Systems.

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Riccardo Mariani Nvidia; IEEE Computer Society Vice President, Standards Activities
Vice Chair
Cecilia Metra University of Bologna; IEEE Computer Society President

STC Core Team

  • Jyotika Athavale, Intel
  • Alessandro Cremonesi, STMicroelectronics
  • Pete Harrod, ARM
  • Diego Marino, Bombardier Transportation
  • Meirav Nitzan, Synopsys
  • Srinivas Patil, Qualcomm
  • Ritu Sethi, Intel
  • Kunio Uchiyama, Hitachi