Cybersecurity Special Technical Community
The voice of the cybersecurity field.

About Us

The Cybersecurity STC aims to become the voice of the cybersecurity field, allowing the Computer Society to speak authoritatively on the subject and become a one-stop source of reliable information for stakeholders such as government, educators, industry at large and the general public.

To do so, we must:

  • become the premiere online community to connect cybersecurity experts from industry and academia working in different fields throughout the Computer Society Field of Interests and related IEEE Societies
  • create a horizontal access mechanism to the information on the subject, which is currently spread across different sources
  • create dedicated cybersecurity events, focusing on the growing need of practical, actionable information on cybersecurity by governments and industry
  • support the creation of cybersecurity tracks in existing conference within and without the Society and the Institute

The mission of this STC is to address the growing need of practical, actionable information on cybersecurity expressed by governments, academia, and industry, as well as the general public.

The Computer Society already creates, disseminates and collects information which is highly relevant on this subject. This STC aims to create a vibrant online community to connect our members that are, or wish to become, cybersecurity experts, from industry and academia. It will help crossing the borders between different TCs of the Society to create horizontal access mechanisms to all of the information on the subject, which is currently spread across different sources.


Leadership Team

Chair: Stefano Zanero, Assistant Professor, Politecnico di Milano
Vice Chair: Sergey Bratus, Research Associate Professor, Darthmouth College

Operations committee (OpCom)

Francesca Bosco, Project Officer, United Nation Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute
Lorenzo Cavallaro, Senior Lecturer, Royal Holloway University of London
Gerardo Di Giacomo, Security Program Manager, Microsoft
Vincenzo Iozzo, Entrepreneur-in-residence, Rakoku Holdings
Federico Maggi, Assistant Professor, Politecnico di Milano
Diogo Monica, Security Engineer, Square Inc. (liaison with IEEE Public Visibility Committee)

Steering Committee

Mary-Ann Davidson, CSO, Oracle Corporation
Atsuhiro Goto, Full Professor, IISEC Japan
Engin Kirda, Associate Professor, Northeastern University
Christopher Kruegel, Chief Scientist, LastLine
Susan K. Land, Technical Lead, Missile Defense Agency (liaison with IEEE Internet Governance ad hoc committee)
Evangelos Markatos, Full Professor, FORTH-ICS
Katie Moussouris, Chief Policy Officer, HackerOne
Giovanni Vigna, Full Professor, UCSB