About Colloquium
A monthly digital digest of article abstracts from across the IEEE Computer Society's portfolio of research journals.




Colloquium is a convenient web publication that features article abstracts recently published across the IEEE Computer Society’s portfolio of research journals each month.
Explore the latest issue of Colloquium for access to new content and discover a sampling of what Computer Society publications have to offer. IEEE and Computer Society members may purchase individual subscriptions to any of the publications featured in Colloquium. Non-members may join IEEE or the Computer Society and subscribe to any publications or sign-up for a CSDL subscription, which includes full access to all Computer Society publications.

Who Receives Colloquium?


Colloquium is offered as a complimentary benefit for IEEE Computer Society members and subscribers. To download content from Colloquium, simply sign in with your IEEE account and click download on the article that you wish to explore. If you are not subscribed to an article’s publication, you will still have the option to purchase the article or subscribe for full CSDL access.

What Does Colloquium Offer?

A convenient way to scan through journal content and locate the most recent  articles that have been added to the CSDL.

Colloquium is a digital publication that includes all article abstracts from recently published issues across the IEEE Computer Society’s portfolio of research journals each month.