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About AI's 10 to Watch

To promote the community of AI researchers and their work, IEEE Intelligent Systems celebrates 10 AI scientists via its biennial “AI’s 10 to Watch” special section. Since 2006, we have called for nominations from all subfields of AI so that we may select rising stars and honor them on the pages of the magazine.

In 2006, as “we enter(ed) the second 50 years of AI’s history,” the IEEE Intelligent Systems editors noted in the May/June issue that there were many aspects of AI systems that were still unknown – “whether such systems would be based on mathematics or biological models, or learned or engineered.” They created the 10 to Watch as a way to honor the promise and early accomplishments of new AI researchers as they took on these pivotal questions and challenges.


2024 AI’s 10 to Watch Nomination Information

The nomination information on eligibility and submission process is as follows.
The deadline is 1 August 2024


  • Nominees will have received their PhD or PhD equivalency in 2014 or later (i.e., they are within 10 years of PhD graduation).

  • Nominees will have already demonstrated globally recognized and significant scientific or engineering contributions to one or more areas of AI.

  • Nominators must complete the 2024 “AI’s 10 to Watch” nomination form.

  • Nominators will include two support letters from renowned AI experts in the area.

  • Having not received this award before.


Application Required Materials

Please include a PDF file (the file name should include the nominee’s surname) with the following for each nomination:

  • Completed nomination form 

  • Copy of PhD certificate or PhD equivalence

  • Two letters of recommendation from AI experts

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) (5 pages max)

Please submit the whole nomination package here.

*For individual reference-letter writers who are not comfortable sending their letter to the nominator, they may email their letter to the committee at [please be sure to note the nominee’s full name in the email subject line and as part of the file name].

Previous Awardees

The complete information on previous nominees can be found in the article links below:

View 2022 Awardee Details

Bo Li, Tongliang Liu, Liqiang Nie, Soujanya Poria, Deqing Sun, Yizhou Sun, Jiliang Tang, Zhangyang “Atlas” Wang, Hongzhi Yin, and Liang Zheng.

View 2020 Awardee Details 

Tathagata Chakraborti, John Dickerson, Fei Fang, Song Han, Kuldeep Meel, Nisarg Shah, William Wang, Martha White, Diyi Yang, and Hanwang Zhang.

View 2018 Awardee Details

Bo An, Erik Cambria, Yoav Goldberg, Akshat Kumar, Wei Liu, Cynthia Matuszek, Sinno J. Pan, B. Aditya Prakash, Maria Vanina Martinez, and Yang Yu.

View 2016 Awardee Details  

Haris Aziz, Elias Bareinboim, Yejin Choi, Daniel Hsu, Shivaram Kalyanakrishnan, Reshef Meir, Suchi Saria, Gerardo I. Simari, Lirong Xia, and William Yeoh.

View 2013 Awardee Details 

Nora Ayanian, Finale Doshi-Velez, Heng Ji, Brad Knox, Honglak Lee, Nina Narodytska, Ariel Procaccia, Stefanie Tellex, Jun Zhu, and Aviv Zohar.

View 2011 Awardee Details

Yiling Chen, Vincent Conitzer, Matthieu d’Aquin, Kristen Grauman, Tom Heath, Jure Leskovec, Daniel B. Neill, Andre Platzer, Talal Rahwan, and Liwei Wang.

View 2008 Awardee Details 

Philipp Cimiano, Dmitri Dolgov, Anat Levin, Peter Mika, Brian Milch, Louis-Philippe Morency, Boris Motik, Jennifer Neville, Erik Sudderth, and Luis von Ahn.

View 2006 Awardee Details 

Eyal Amir, Regina Barzilay, Jennifer Golbeck, Tom Griffiths, Steve Gustafson, Carsten Lutz, Pragnesh Jay Modi, Marta Sabou, and Richard A. Watson.

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