Market Research & Surveys
What do your buyers and prospects want? Ask them!

Don’t skip doing vital market research because you can’t find the right audience or you can’t afford to reach them.

Survey Development

Market Research & Survey Media Kit

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If you need technology professional responses, we’ve got them!

Where Do You Stand in the Technology Marketplace?

Too many organizations are forced to fly blind because market research is too cumbersome, too unfocused, and too costly.

With custom research from the IEEE Computer Society, you ask the exact questions you want answered to the precise people you want to reach—quickly and cost-effectively.

Find out:

  • What products do your customers use?
  • Why did they choose them?
  • What are the factors in their selection?
  • What are their biggest challenges and obstacles?
  • What do they need?
  • How much are they willing to pay for it?
  • What trends are driving your market?
  • Where will your customers be in five years?
  • Who do they trust?

A Simple, Customized Process

  • Computer Society research experts work with you to develop a pertinent and focused survey questionnaire of up to 15 questions utilizing language designed to achieve optimum results.
  • Based on your target audience, the Computer Society selects appropriate titles and demographics to give you the knowledge you need.
  • Surveys are administered by email with support and promotion via the website and the Computer Society’s popular social media sites, reaching hundreds of thousands of tech professionals.
  • Comprehensive, high-quality analytics are provided.
  • Results can be delivered as raw data or in a presentation quality analytic report.


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To learn more, view the Computer Society Market Research and Survey media kit. (pdf)