Best Practices for Publications
IEEE Computer Society encourages all our publication volunteers to promote and faciliate greater diversity and inclusion in their activities.

As part of the Computer Society’s commitment to Diversity and Inclusion (D&I), the Publications Board has developed the following Best Practices for the entire periodicals portfolio.

  • Ensure that underrepresented community members (UCM as defined in the IEEE Computer Society Policies and Procedures Manual) and IEEE regions diversity are adequately included in the composition of the Editorial Boards and Steering Committees (for co-published journals).
  • Invitations to UCM for articles, special issues, and magazine columns/departments. This will take place within the regular review (or recruitment) process, but at the invitation phase try to expand invitations to UCM members.
  • For Magazines, encourage the EICs to ask the magazine Department Editors to provide a statement on how to address D&I for their department each year.
  • Appoint an Editorial Board member responsible for UCM outreach.
  • Consider special issues associated with UCM topics.
  • Suggest modification to the IEEE Periodical Review and Advisory Committee (PRAC) report template to include a D&I statement.
  • Modify publication submission guidelines to guide authors against using racist, biased, and culturally insensitive language. (This aspect is being discussed by a separate ad hoc committee on discriminatory language in computing.)
  • Onboarding for Pubs Contributors. EIC Orientations and Editorial Board Welcome messages should include information about fostering a diverse and inclusive culture for the publication. This would include IEEE guidelines as well as defining the kinds of data points available, providing examples of best practices or informational resources at IEEE and Computer Society. Such information would be part of communications with EICs and Ed Board Members via orientation and “welcome” messages and others.
  • EIC Searches and Reappointments. Update EIC search application requirements to include a statement in the EIC candidates’ Vision Statement that describes how they will encourage participation from all including UCM. Ask EICs seeking reappointment to include a self-assessment or update on these efforts as part of their overall package.
  • Include text like the following to appointment letters (for EIC search/reappointment chairs and Steering Committee chairs) “When nominating individuals for the committee, chairs are reminded that IEEE Computer Society is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the constitution of all its committees.”
  • Report on the annual D&I data gathered for IEEE at Publications Board and Board of Governors meetings.



  • Support young authors, in particular graduate students, by attempting to reduce delays regarding editorial decisions.