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Scope of IEEE Transactions on Privacy

IEEE Transactions on Privacy provides a multidisciplinary forum for theoretical, methodological, engineering, and applications aspects of privacy and data protection, including specification, design, implementation, testing, and validation. Privacy, in this context, is defined as the freedom from unauthorized intrusion in its broadest sense, arising from any activity in information collection, information processing, information dissemination or invasion. The transactions publishes articles reporting significant advances in theoretical models and formalization as well as engineering tools supporting the above activities, design frameworks and languages, architectures, infrastructures, model-based approaches, study cases, and standards. The transactions serves as the archival venue for submissions from multiple disciplines studying the various aspects of privacy (e.g., statistics, cryptography, distributed systems, databases, data analytics, human-computer interaction, socio-behavioral science, etc.). Contributions to solving privacy problems in various application domains such as healthcare are also accepted. Purely theoretical papers with no potential application or purely developmental work without any methodological contribution or generalizability would not be in scope.

Additional Information

IEEE Transactions on Privacy (TP) is a fully open access, rigorously peer-reviewed forum for rapid publication of high-impact articles related to privacy and data protection. TP provides a rapid review cycle and a thorough review of technical articles within the open-access-only framework. Our goal is to publish quickly; the rapid peer-review process targets a publication time frame of 10 weeks for most accepted papers. This journal is fully open and compliant with funder mandates, including Plan S.

TP will begin accepting submissions in January 2024. We invite you to be among the first to have your article peer-reviewed and published in this new journal. This is an exciting opportunity for your research to benefit from the high visibility and interest the journal’s marketing launch will generate. Your work will also be exposed to 5 million unique monthly users of the IEEE Xplore® Digital Library.

TP will draw on the expert technical community to continue IEEE’s commitment to publishing the most highly cited content. The editor in chief is the distinguished Christopher W. Clifton from Purdue University. His research interests are in data privacy, particularly with respect to analysis of private data, including privacy-preserving data mining, data de-identification and anonymization, and limits on identifying individuals from data mining models. Prior to joining Purdue, Dr. Clifton was a Principal Scientist in the Information Technology Division at the MITRE Corporation. Before joining MITRE, he was an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Northwestern University. He has a Ph.D. from Princeton University, and Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a Fellow of the IEEE and a Distinguished Member of ACM.

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Christopher W. Clifton
Purdue University Department of Computer Science,
305 N. University St.
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2107