Give Your Favorite Student a Membership to the IEEE Computer Society!
For No More Than US$40, You'll Be Giving Your Favorite Student 3 Semesters of Insights!

2018 Student Gift Membership Offer - Give Now

For No More Than US$40,
You’ll Be Giving Your Favorite Student 3 Semesters of Insights!


With an IEEE Computer Society Membership your student will be able to build their network, learn new skills, and access the best minds in computer science before they’re even out of of school. Your gift includes thousands of key resources that will quickly transition them from the classroom to the conference room, such as:


  • Networking and Leadership Opportunities
  • A subscription to Computer magazines (12 digital issues per year)
  • A subscription to ComputingEdge (12 issues per year)
  • Exceptional Online Training: Access to 3,000 online courses, 11,000 training videos, and 28,000 technical titles
  • Eligible for 3 student scholarship opportunities where we give away US$40,000 yearly
  • Access to the Computer Society’s Jobs Board
  • Full access to the Computer Society Digital Library with over 700,000+ resources
  • Unlimited access to and myCS
  • Local Chapter Membership
  • Conference Discounts
  • Member-only webinars


Give the Gift of Knowledge
Note: Fulfillment on mailing tshirts will be about 3 weeks.