HOST 2020: Closing Vulnerabilities at the Intersection of Hardware and Security

Published 01/06/2020
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hardware security
Hardware plays an increasingly integral role in cyber and system security.

The unprecedented expansion of computing and communication systems into every conceivable sphere of modern life has created numerous new attack surfaces that demand stronger improvements in security and trust.

The IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust (HOST 2020) facilitates these much-needed discussions surrounding hardware-based security research and development, highlighting the latest innovations in hardware and system security. This year’s conference will be held, December 6-9, 2020 in San Jose, California.   Register today!

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Security Vulnerabilities Plague Hardware Systems Both Great and Small

The billions of tiny, globally-distributed microchips, circuit boards, and other electronic components of hardware systems are becoming more sophisticated with numerous security vulnerabilities. The equally numerous IoT devices and smartphones connected to the internet have their own weaknesses as well.

Large architectures are vulnerable too. As critical systems like power plants, water treatment facilities, HVAC systems, robotics, and other IoT platforms face unrelenting cyberattacks, the need has never been greater for techniques, tools, design and test methods, architectures, and circuits designed to strengthen hardware security.

Exclusive Interview with HOST 2020 General Chair, Domenic Forte of the University of Florida

What is unique about the HOST conference?

Domenic Forte

The IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust (HOST) has become the premier annual event for researchers, practitioners, students, and users from the computer security, microelectronics, and electronic design automation communities.

What can attendees expect from the HOST 2020 technical program?

Hardware plays an integral role in cyber and system security with many emerging vulnerabilities and defense mechanisms targeting hardware. HOST gives attendees the chance to come together and discuss cutting-edge ideas, emerging research, and technologies in all areas of overlap between hardware and security.

What’s new about this year’s HOST conference?

For the first time in its twelve-year history, HOST will offer an industrial exhibition paired with its popular student hardware demo sessions.

Anything else?

HOST 2020 will take place in the Bay Area for the first time since 2012, and will feature an exciting 3.5-day program consisting of technical papers, invited talks from influential leaders and decision-makers, panels, and tutorials from the field’s top experts.

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HOST 2020 Program: Browse a “Host” of Important Topics and Find Those Best Suited for You

The technical program of HOST 2020 will consist of invited talks, paper presentations, panel discussions, and tutorials on hardward, architecture, and systems security. Take a look. Which ones interest you?


  • Security primitives
  • Computer-aided design (CAD) tools
  • Emerging and nanoscale devices
  • Trojans and backdoors
  • Side-channel attacks and mitigation
  • Fault injection and mitigation
  • (Anti-)Reverse engineering and physical attacks
  • Anti-tamper
  • Anti-counterfeit


  • Trusted execution environments
  • Cache-side channel attacks and mitigation
  • Privacy-preserving computation
  • System-on-chip (SoC)/platform security
  • FPGA and reconfigurable fabric security
  • Cloud computing
  • Smartphones and smart devices


  • Internet-of-things (IoT) security
  • Sensors and sensor network security
  • Smart grid security
  • Automotive/autonomous vehicle security
  • Cyber-physical system security
  • (Adversarial) Machine learning and cyber deception

The Venue: DoubleTree by Hilton, San Jose, CA


HOST 2020 will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel San Jose, which is less than a half-mile from San Jose International Airport and 45 minutes from San Francisco International Airport. Take the complimentary hotel shuttle to and from the airport, and check your flight status or print boarding passes in the hotel lobby. Self-parking is available at the hotel.

Good dining experiences are yours as well, including exquisite steaks and chops at Spencer’s restaurant or decadent sushi at the Sushi Bar. The hotel also has a fitness center, swimming pool, and whirlpool for guests.