Bio-inspired Computing Special Technical Community
A community and forum for practitioners and researchers in the area of Bio-inspired Computing.

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IEEE Computer Society Bio-inspired Computing Special Technical Community (STC) builds up the most extensive professional and academic community in Bio-inspired Computing and enhances human lives by utilizing adaptive computing technologies inspired by biology models. This community will provide an integrative research platform for global researchers interested in Bio-inspired Computing. This would be a community of researchers from worldwide and is planned to be a long-term self-sustaining organization. The two primary goals of this STC are:

  • Promote the design and implementation of Bio-inspired Computing.
  • Facilitate computing that uses biology models to solve complex computing problems.

Concerning these primary goals, topics relevant to Bio-inspired Computing STC include (but are not limited to):

  • Bio-inspired integration of data, information, and processes
  • Autonomic, adaptive, and self-organized distributed computing
  • Emerging behaviors in complex distributed systems
  • Intelligent distributed problem-solving and decision making
  • Swarm intelligence and evolutionary computation in distributed and intelligent applications
  • Forecasting through complex system models and bio-inspired models
  • Bio-inspired Complex Internet of Things
  • Artificial Immune System and its Application in Computer Security
  • Information security Intelligent systems

Bio-Inspired Computing