Request a Distinguished Visitors Program Speaker
To invite a DVP speaker to your chapter event, please complete all information requested below.


  • The DVP Program supports travel only for speakers in the DVP program.
  • The program has been developed to support local chapter meetings, not conferences or other events.
    • Conferences that focus on supporting a local chapter may request a speaker (e.g. conferences aimed at bringing chapter leaders from many different student or professional chapters together).
    • A speaker who is visiting many chapters during a tour (e.g., 3 or more) may additionally stop to speak at a conference.
  • The committee will usually reject requests that are less than 6 weeks away at the time the request is considered.
  • Select a speaker you would like, and contact them to find out if they are available on a date that works for you.
    • Once you have a speaker and a date, find out if other chapters near you would also like to host the speaker before or after your visit and if the speaker is able to do this. (Ensure that the other chapters know they will need to cover the local costs for their part of the visit.)
    • Finalize the dates, locations, and topics for each talk the speaker will give, as well as the expected audience size, the local costs the chapters will each pay, and the international / inter-city costs the DVP program is being asked to pay.
  • The committee may approve up to US$1000 (maximum) per city being visited.
    • If you request more than $1000 to visit a single city, the committee must reject your request.
    • If you arrange a speaking tour for multiple cities, the budget may exceed $1000.
    • To count as a “separate city,” a subsequent city must be at least 3 hours drive from all other cities on the tour.

DVP Speaker Request

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  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • (e.g.: Flight from A to B est. cost: $700, airport parking $50, incidentals while traveling $100)
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