Information Technology Committee

The IT Committee of the Professional & Educational Activities Board (PEB-IT) was established in 2009 to provide leadership and suggested course(s) of action for the IEEE Computer Society in the IT field of computing.  The PEB-IT committee was asked to consider the needs of computing professionals (specifically in the IT field) that haven't yet been addressed by IEEE CS products and services.

To establish a solid foundation for this work, we took into consideration the broader issue of an "IT Profession," much as IEEE CS had done already in establishing software engineering as a profession, particularly with the publication of the SWEBOK.  Our research results are recorded in this report.

In 2010, our proposed model was presented to the IEEE CS Board of Governors and won their approval. This model has become the touchstone of our further efforts, such as the creation of an enterprise IT Body of Knowledge and an IT Competency model, currently under way. Read more about the Model of a Profession

If you are interested in participating in this work, please contact the PEB-IT Chair, Andy Chen.

  • Ongoing Projects
    • Enterprise IT Body of Knowledge (EITBOK)
    • Extension of Skills Framework for the Information Age for IT specialties
  • New Projects in 2015
    • Development of an IT Certification Framework with our partners
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