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2014 Webinars 2014 Webinars

11 December 2014
Complexity, Systems and Software
Sarah Sheard / Fred Highland

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13 November 2014
Cloud Security and Compliance
David Bernstein / Melvin Greer

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23 October 2014
Cloud Application Architectures
George Reese / Valerie Underwood

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9 October 2014
Building the Pillars of Modern Enterprise Using Open Source
Krishnan Subramanian / Keith Johnson

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25 September 2014
Achieving Excellence in Software Engineering
Gerd Hoefner / Martin Hile

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11 September 2014
Cloud Computing: Moving Beyond Infrastructure Agility
Bernard Golden / Bill Lewandowski

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28 August 2014
Should We or Shouldn't We? The Moral Implications of Software Intensive Systems
Grady Booch / Timothy Walden

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14 August 2014
(Mis-)Communicating with Data: A Fresh Look at Measurement for Software Development and Acquisition
Forrest Shull / Brian Hartman

Forrest answers more questions

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10 July 2014
Balancing a System's "-ilities"
Barry Boehm / Valerie Underwood

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12 June 2014
Agile Mythbusting
Mary Ann Lapham / SuZ Miller / Britt Manfredi

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22 May 2014
Managing Technical Debt in Complex Software Systems
Ipek Ozkaya / Rob Eisenberg

Ipek answers more questions

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8 May 2014
Overview of IC Testing—and Emerging Trends
Phil Nigh / Tom Wissink

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*5th in Integration, Test and Evaluation series

10 April 2014
How Do You Do It? The Process & Architecture of Watson
Grady Booch / Bob Epps

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13 March 2014
Combinatorial Test Design Methodology
Mark Kiemele / Tom Wissink

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*4th in Integration, Test and Evaluation series

27 February 2014
Uncovering the Essence of the Problem—How to Find What Your Client Really Needs
Suzanne Robertson / Garry Roedler

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13 February 2014
Practical Test Design
Alan Page / Tom Wissink

*3rd in Integration, Test and Evaluation series

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23 January 2014
Energized Workers: Thriving on Challenge
Mary Poppendieck / Patti Scaramuzzo

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2013 Webinars 2013 Webinars

12 December 2013
Opportunities and Challenges for the Nanometric Design of Post-CMOS Memories
Fabrizio Lombardi / John Stetson

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14 November 2013
Test and Evaluation Methods and Tools for Higher Mission Assurance, Lower Cost, and Shorter Schedule
Madhav Phadke / Gary Downs
*2nd in Integration, Test and Evaluation series

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24 October 2013
Creating a Better Testing Future: The World Is Changing and We Must Change With It
Lee Copeland / Tom Wissink
*1st in Integration, Test and Evaluation series

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10 October 2013
The Importance of Applying Agility to DoD Software Initiatives
Douglas C. Schmidt / Knute Leidal

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26 September 2013
Games Software Architects Play
Philippe Kruchten / Fred Highland

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12 September 2013
A Dynamic Provisioning System for Federated Cloud and Bare-metal Environments
Gregor von Laszewski / Michael I. Schwartz

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29 August 2013
Agile with Adult Supervision
Scott Ambler / Don MacIntyre

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15 August 2013
Big Data: Applications, Technical Challenges, and Opportunities
George K. Thiruvathukal / Michael Czajkowski

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25 July 2013
Smarter Analytics: Beyond Big Data
Tim Menzies / Fred Highland

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11 July 2013
Formal Testing and Development for Cloud Standards—A Review of the State of the Art
Alan Sill / Scott Anderson

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13 June 2013
Moving From Data to Insights—Addressing Data Challenges in Simulation-Based Science

Manish Parashar / Caron B. Kogan

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30 May 2013
Beyond the Pain of Traceability: Cost Effective Techniques for Demonstrating Safety, Security, and Compliance of Software-Intensive Systems
Jane Cleland-Huang / Gary Downs

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16 May 2013
Agile Software Development in the Computer Science Handbook
John Favaro / Paul Walker

John Favaro and Paul Walker answer more questions

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11 April 2013
Managing Complexity: A Panel Discussion Exploring the Challenges of Architecting Complex Systems
Grady Booch / Mark W. Maier / Ipek Ozkaya / Will Tracz / Jeffrey J. Wilcox

28 March 2013
Using Measures and Risk Indicators for Early Insight Into Software Product Characteristics such as Software Safety
Victor R. Basili / Steve Adegbite

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14 March 2013
Complexity Made Simple: Tackling Complexity in Software-Intensive Systems
Philippe Kruchten / Aaron Luke

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28 February 2013
Automation Everywhere—Industrial Control Systems in the Cross Hairs
Zach Tudor / Valerie Underwood

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14 February 2013
Optimizing Optimism: Why Engineers Should Be More Like Las Vegas Bookies
Ricardo Valerdi / Jeffrey Poulin

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24 January 2013
The Future of Software V&V
Michael Whalen / Jon Hagar

Michael Whalen answers more questions

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10 January 2013
Against the Odds: Managing the Unmanageable in a Time of Crisis
Diomidis Spinellis / Bob Epps

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2012 Webinars 2012 Webinars

6 December 2012
A View from the C-Suite: The Future of Information Security
Herbert "Hugh" Thompson

8 November 2012
Active Defense
Salvatore J. Stolfo / Valerie Underwood

25 October 2012
Lean Engineering
Christof Ebert / Neil K. Shirk

11 October 2012
Secure Programming with Static Analysis
Brian Chess / Donna Saucier

27 September 2012
Universal Systems Language (USL) and its Automation, the 001 Tool Suite, for Designing and Building Systems and Software
Margaret Hamilton / Bob Epps

13 September 2012
Cloud Security Challenges
John Howie / Melvin Greer

23 August 2012
The Economics of Agility
Hakan Erdogmus / Britt Manfredi

Hakan answers more questions

9 August 2012
The Coming of Age of Platforms
Mary Poppendieck / Don MacIntyre

12 July 2012
Form and Content: Why They Both Matter
Suzanne Robertson / Valerie Underwood

14 June 2012
What's in Your Program? Application Security Maturity in 2012
Joel Scambray / Dawn M. Beyer

24 May 2012
Cloud Computing—An Overview and Introduction from an Enterprise Perspective
Gerald Kaefer / Melvin Greer

10 May 2012
Computer-Assisted Approaches for Identifying and Tracking Technical Debt

Nico Zazworka & Carolyn Seaman / Robert Eisenberg

26 April 2012
Scaling with Design Constraints – Predicting the Future of Big Chips
Wei Huang / James Kanyok

5 April 2012
The Real Skills of An Automated Test Professional
Dion Johnson / Tom Wissink

22 March 2012
Industrial Strength Software Measurement
David Weiss / Will Tracz

David answers more questions

8 March 2012
The Economics of Reuse
Ricardo Valerdi / Tom Herald

23 February 2012
The Science (and Art) of Security Fragility
Hugh Thompson / Dawn M. Beyer

9 February 2012
Deception and Estimation: How We Fool Ourselves
Linda Rising / Ken Woolman

Linda answers more questions

26 January 2012
Systems-of-Systems Analysis of Ballistic Missile Defense Architecture Effectiveness through Surrogate Modeling and Simulation
Tommer Ender / Daniel Cocks

12 January 2012
Seven Unbreakable Rules of Software Leadership
Steve McConnell / Will Tracz

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2011 Webinars 2011 Webinars

8 December 2011
Low Temperature, All Copper Solder-Free Electronic Assembly and Interconnect Technology
Dragos Maciuca / Alfred A. Zinn / Krish Narasimhan

17 November 2011
Systems of Systems and Large-Scale Systems Assurance
John Goodenough / Will Tracz

10 November 2011
Manage your Technical Debt
Carolyn Seaman and Nico Zazworka / Valerie Underwood

27 October 2011
The Software Challenge of Robots
Terry Bollinger / Daniel McFarlane

Terry answers more questions

13 October 2011
Advances in Requirements Engineering
Christof Ebert / Gennero J. (Rocky) Avvento

Link to Christof's book, "Practical Requirements Engineering"

22 September 2011
Clinical Virtual Reality: A Brief Review of the Future
Albert "Skip" Rizzo / Deanna Rockefeller

View related videos and PowerPoint presentation

8 September 2011
Why We Need Architects (and Architecture) on Agile Projects
Rebecca Wirfs-Brock / Steve Mitchell

25 August 2011
Gray, the new Black: Gray-Box Vulnerability Testing
Brian Chess / Gary Downs

11 August 2011
Software Product Lines: What Got Us Here, Won't Get Us There
Jan Bosch / Scott LaChance

28 July 2011
Service Orientation and Systems of Systems
Grace Lewis / Valerie Underwood

14 July 2011
Best Practices for Transforming and Evolving a Legacy System
Grady Booch / Lou Larkin

Grady answers more questions

23 June 2011
Leveraging Social Media for Early Indications and Warnings of Instability and Unrest
Mike Baylor, Tina Chau / Karl Sanchack

9 June 2011
Affordability-Based Engineering
Barry Boehm / Will Tracz

26 May 2011
Air Armament Capability Development Using High Resolution CFD and DoD HPC Resources
John Dean / Louis Larkin

12 May 2011
Utilizing Design of Experiments to Reduce Software and System Testing Cost
Madhav S. Phadke / Gary Downs

Madhav answers more questions

28 April 2011
Technical Institutions and Technical Autonomy
David Alan Grier / Daniel McFarlane

14 April 2011
Preventing Defects With Test Driven Development
James Grenning / Dottie Acton

24 March 2011
Dynamic Construction – UnCovered
Aaron Hutchinson  / Rick Boggs

10 March 2011
The Data-Context-Interaction (DCI) Architecture — Realizing the Object Vision
Jim ("Cope") Coplien / Will Tracz

Cope answers more questions

Cope's - Six wise men and the elephant

24 February 2011
Systems Engineering as a Literate Behavior
George Hurlburt / Valerie Underwood

10 February 2011
Combinatorial Test Driven Development
Mark J. Kiemele / Tom Wissink

27 January 2011
Using Requirements to do Early Estimation and Prioritisation
Suzanne Robertson / Valerie Underwood

Suzanne answers more questions

13 January 2011
What Every Engineer Should Know About Systems Thinking
Dr. Ricardo Valerdi / Gennaro J. (Rocky) Avvento

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2010 Webinars 2010 Webinars

December 16, 2010
Human Social Culture Behavior Modeling: Integrating Social Science Theory and Analytic Methods for Operational Use
Dylan Schmorrow / Mark Hoffman

December 9, 2010
Future of Surgery
Andrew Wright / Peter Drewes

November 11, 2010
Software Architecture using Model-Based Approaches
Bran Selic / Tom Herald

Bran answers more questions

October 14, 2010
Steve McConnell / Will Tracz

September 23, 2010
Wired for War: Everything You Wanted to Know About Robots and War, but Were Afraid to Ask…Afraid to Ask…Afraid to Ask
Peter Warren Singer / Dr. Peter Drewes

September 16, 2010
Immerse Yourself – A Discussion on Virtual World Technologies
Kenneth W. Kisiel / Richard Boyd / Charlie Hargraves

September 9, 2010
Affordable Software Architecture
Stephen Mellor / Valerie Underwood

August 26, 2010
Technology Trends and Innovation Insights
Josh Wolfe / Deanna Rockefeller

August 12, 2010
Business Analytics and Optimization (BAO) for Software and System Delivery (SSD)
Murray Cantor / Lynn M. Meredith

July 22, 2010
Counterinsurgency in Context
David Kilcullen/Karl Sanchack

July 8, 2010
Risk Based Testing
Steve Tockey / Louis Larkin

Steve answers more questions

June 24, 2010
Medical Device Interoperability to enable innovation at the sharp edge of healthcare deliveryat its best
Julian M. Goldman, MD/Frank Boosman

June 17, 2010
Ladar: A Look Forward
Dr. Paul McManamon / Dr. Sammy Henderson / Mr. Douglas Pasquan

Paul answers more questions

June 10, 2010
Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture:
A Pattern Language for High Quality and Affordable Distributed Computing Systems

Dr. Douglas C. Schmidt/Valerie Underwood

May 27, 2010
Discovery Driven Growth
Rita Gunther McGrath/Jeff Hamstra

May 13, 2010
Improving Software Economics, Achieving Agility at Scale
Walker Royce/Dr. Will Tracz

Walker Royce' whitepaper

Walker answers more questions

April 22, 2010
Strategy is Innovation
Professor Vijay Govindarajan/Stewart Millman

April 8, 2010
How to Reduce Costs Throughout the Project Lifecycle
Kent Beck/Dottie Acton

March 25, 2010
Innovation Tournaments
Karl Ulrich / Mohamed Hasan

March 11, 2010
Value Engineering for Requirements Engineers
Phil Laplante / Kevin Woodward

February 25, 2010
The Innovator's Prescription
Clayton M. Christensen /  Kurt A. Olsen

February 11, 2010
Systems Engineering Cost Estimation
Ricardo Valerdi / Gennaro J. (Rocky) Avvento

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2009 Webinars 2009 Webinars

December 10, 2009
Building Software for Affordability
Grady Booch / Valerie Underwood

November 26, 2009
No Webinar
Thanksgiving Holiday

November 12, 2009
Balancing the Tension between Lean and Agile
Dr. James Coplien / Will Tracz

Cope answers more questions

October 29, 2009
Leveraging a Service Oriented and Model Driven Approach to Architecting Your Enterprise
Ed Seidewitz / Sanford Friedenthal

Ed answers more questions

October 15, 2009
Cloud Computing
Dejan Milojicic / Hans Polzer

Dr. Milojicic answers more questions

October 1, 2009
Combinatorial Test Design Methodology
Mark J. Kiemele / Tom Wissink

Dr. Kiemele answers more questions

September 17, 2009
Architecture as Language: Using DSLs to describe Software Architecture
Markus Voelter / Dr. Wil Tracz

Markus Voelter answers more questions

September 3, 2009
Software Testing as a Quality-Improvement Activity
Dr. Cem Kaner  / Tom Wissink

Cem Kaner answers more questions

August 20, 2009
Fifteen years of Design Patterns
Dr.Ralph Johnson  / Dr.Will Tracz

August 6, 2009
Modeling the Life-cycles of Systems of Systems
Dr. James Bret Michael  / Dr. Abraham Meilich

Bret Michaels answers more questions

July 23, 2009
Your Requirements for Managing Requirements
Suzanne Robertson / Jim Smith

Suzanne Roberts answers more questions

July 9, 2009
Reconciling Strategy, Hardware, and Software Through Architecture: Lessons Old and New
Dr. Mark Maier / Fred Highland

June 25, 2009
The Role of the Software Architect
Dr. Michael Stal / Dave Bailey

June 11, 2009
Emergent Design: The Evolutionary Nature of Professional Software Development
Scott Bain / Valerie Underwood

May 28, 2009
Agile Model-Driven Development
Stephen J. Mellor / Sanford Friedenthal

May 14, 2009
Model-Based Engineering of Real-Time and Embedded Systems
Bran Selic / Stan Wheeler

Bran Selec answers more questions

May 7, 2009
Principles, Patterns, Practices, Professionalism
Robert Martin / Will Tracz

Uncle Bob answers more questions

April 30, 2009
Agile Leadership and Contracting Models
Mary Poppendieck / Dottie Acton

April 2, 2009
From Vision to Execution
Grady Booch / Valerie Underwood

March 19, 2009
The Collaborative Effort of Software and Hardware Teams in Agile Development
Janet Gregory / Will Tracz

March 4, 2009
Requirements Triage
Al Davis / David Farina

February 19 2009
Right-Sizing Agile Development
Steve McConnell / Valerie Underwood
view podcast at

February 5 2009
Four Strategies for Responsive Design
Kent Beck / Dorothy McKinney
view podcast at

Kent Beck answers more questions

January 22 2009
Test Driven Development in the Field
Michael Feathers / Dottie Acton
view podcast at

January 8, 2009
Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture:
A Pattern Language for Distributed Computing

Doug Schmidt / Lynn Meredith
view podcast at

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2008 Webinars 2008 Webinars

October 16 2008       
Best Practices in Software Architecture
Grady Booch / Will Tracz
view podcast at

November 6  2008
Modeling and Simulation-Driven Development of Complex, Software-Intensive Systems
Bernard P. Zeigler / Valerie Underwood
view podcast at

November 20 2008
Standards & Practices for the software and system engineers / professionals      
John Walz / Abraham Meilich
view podcast at

December 4 2008
Introduction to Lean Software Development
Mary Poppendieck / Dottie Acton
view podcast at

December 18 2008
Concepts and Methods in Systems Architecting
Mark Maier / Alex Levinson
view podcast at

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