Volunteer Resource Center 

2014 Educational Activities Board 

Vice President and Chair: Phillip LaPlante
Vice Chair: Dennis J. Frailey
Past Vice President: Jean-Luc Gaudiot
Pre-University Chair: George Thiruvathukal
University Chair: Steve Seidman
Professional Development Chair: Dennis J. Frailey

Standing Committees:

Education Product Development Chair: Dennis J. Frailey
Curriculum Development Chair: Wim Bohm
Accreditation Chair: Stephen Seidman
Global View Chair: Linda Shafer
External Activities Chair: Linda Shafer

CSAB Representatives:

Representative Director: J. Fernando Naveda
Representative Director: Ann Gates
Representative Director: Curtis Carver
Alternate Representative Director: Pearl Wang
Alternate Representative Director: Mark Sebern


From Standards Activities Board: David Schultz
To Professional Activities Board: Dennis Frailey
To Electronic Products and Services: J. Fernando Naveda

IEEE CS Staff:

C & PE Manager: John Keppler
C & PE Education Product Developer: Dorian McClenahan
C & PE Adminstrative Specialist: Michelle Phon


31 Jan 2014