Industry Advisory Board Chairmen


The Industry Advisory Board (IAB) chairman is selected by a majority vote of the Industry Advisory Board members to serve for a two-year term. The chairman works with the IEEE Computer Society executive director and governance leadership to reach agreements on issues that are relevant and in support of the computer society's role as a leading provider of computing products and services and technology information to the society's membership and the global community. 

Since the inception of the Industry Advisory Board in 2008, three members have served in the capacity of chairman. Dr. Stephen D. Huffman, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, MITRE Corporation was elected inaugural chairman at the first Industry Advisory Board meeting held in May 2008.  Dr. Huffman served as chairman from May 2008 to February 2011.  Dr. Harold Javid, Director, North America & Global Programs External Research, Microsoft Research,  became chairman March 2011 and served to December 2012.  Dr. Javid ran for a seat on the society's Board of Governors and was elected to begin a three-year term 1 January 2013.  

The current Industry Advisory Board chairman is Mr. Shmuel Shottan, Senior Vice President of Product Operations & Technology, Hitachi Data Systems.  Mr. Shottan joined the IAB in June 2010 and assumed the role of chairman in January 2013. 


IAB Chairman current

(Chairman, January 2013 - Present)

Shmuel Shottan is Senior Vice President of Product Operations & Technology at Hitachi Data Systems. Prior to Hitachi Data Systems Mr. Shottan was Senior Vice President and CTO of BlueArc, provider of the most scalable network storage solutions.  He also served as Vice President and General Partner of Quantum Technology Ventures, and Senior Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technical Officer for Quantum's Snap Division, where he led the development of the award-winning Snap Server.  Mr. Shottan was Senior Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technical Officer of Parallan Computer, a developer of high performance super servers; and also held executive positions at AST Computers, and ICL.  He holds B.S. degrees from the Technion – Israeli Institute of Technology in electrical engineering and computer science and continues to serve as a member of the advisory boards of several networking and storage companies.  


(Chairman, March 2011 - December 2012)

Dr. Harold Javid is Director of External Research Global Programs, Microsoft Research for North America, Latin America and Australia/New Zealand. His team works with the academic research communities in these regions to build rich collaborations including joint centers in the U.S., Brazil, and Chile; faculty summits and other events; and talent development programs such as the Microsoft Research Faculty Fellows program. Dr. Javid has a long career in research organizations, working for companies such as General Electric, Boeing, and now Microsoft.  He has made advances in the application of optimization and computing algorithms in industries such as power, aerospace, and pulp and paper.  He received his Ph.D. in electrical engineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign where he also received his MS and BS degrees. 


(Chairman, May 2008 - February 2011)

Dr. Stephen D. Huffman is Vice President and Chief Technology (CTO) Officer of The MITRE Corporation. As CTO, Dr. Huffman is responsible for the direction of MITRE's research and development program, which explores emerging and enabling technologies and their application to critical national problems.  Previously, he served as Vice President of MITRE's Washington Command, Control, and Communications Center, which is focused on ensuring integration and solving complex technical and operational challenges across the DoD.

Before joining MITRE, Dr. Huffman was Director of Research and Development at M/A-COM Linkabit in Vienna, Va., where he developed anti-jam and low-probability-of-intercept communications systems, error-correction coders, speech store-and-forward systems, satellite communications, and signals intelligence systems.

Dr. Huffman received his BS, MS, and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Duke University, and is a graduate of the General Management Program at Harvard Business School. He is a member of the IEEE and has published numerous papers. 



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