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Call for Nominations for

IEEE Division V Director-Elect

SUBMIT a NOMINATION FORM by Friday, 10 October 2014 

The IEEE Computer Society seeks nominees for the position of IEEE Division V Director-elect.  IEEE Computer Society members annually elect a director-elect. The IEEE Division V Director serves a year as director-elect (2016) and two years as director (2017-2018).  A full position description is available at http://www.ieee.org/documents/position_division_delegate_director.pdf 
Division Director eligibility requirements:
a candidate must be an IEEE member in good standing, must be of IEEE Senior Member grade or higher; and must be a Computer Society member.  
The IEEE CS Nominations Committee recommends nominees for final approval by the IEEE CS Board of Governors. 
All potential nominees must complete and submit the nomination form which requires submission of a biography, list of IEEE activities, major accomplishments and a position statement.   The nomination form is available here. 
Send nominations to csnominations@computer.org on or before Friday, 10 October 2014.  Questions? Send an email to csnominations@computer.org.