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From the July 2014 Issue

Distributed Placement of Autonomic Internet Services

By Panagiotis Pantazopoulos, Merkouris Karaliopoulos, and Ioannis Stavrakakis

Free Featured ArticleThe optimal placement of service facilities largely determines the capability of a data network to efficiently support its users' service demands. As centralized solutions over large-scale distributed environments are extremely expensive, inefficient or even infeasible, distributed approaches that rely on partial topology and demand information are the only credible approaches to the service placement problem, even at the expense of non-guaranteed optimality. In this paper, we propose a distributed service migration heuristic that iteratively solves instances of the 1-median problem pushing progressively the service to more cost-effective locations. Key to our algorithm is a traffic-aware centrality metric, called weighted conditional betweenness centrality (wCBC), that captures the ability of a node to act as service demand concentrator and is employed in both selecting the nodes and setting their weights for the 1-median problem instance. The assessment of our heuristic proceeds in two steps. First, assuming (ideal) knowledge of the invoked wCBC metric, we carry out a proof-of-concept study that demonstrates the effectiveness of the heuristic over synthetic and real-world topologies as well as its advantages against comparable local-search-like migration schemes. Next, we devise practical protocol implementations that approximate the heuristic using local measurements of transit traffic and preserve the excellent accuracy and fast convergence properties of the algorithm for different routing policies. Our solution applies to a broad range of networking scenarios, and is very relevant to the emerging trends for in-network storage and involvement of the end-user in the creation and distribution of lightweight (autonomic) service facilities.

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