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Sorel Reisman: October 2011 blog

On 22 September, I and the IEEE Computer Society Executive Director Angela Burgess met in New York City with ACM President Alain Chenais and ACM's executive management, John White and Pat Ryan. At the meeting I formally signed an MOU in which the IEEE Computer Society joined the Computing in the Core Coalition.

Alain and I set the meeting agenda from topic "buckets" that we created from member postings on the website discussion board, cooperation.computer.org. Among the things we talked about at the meeting were: i) improved access to our respective digital libraries, ii) reduced joint member fees, iii) shared speaker programs, iv) a shared or mutual webpage for cooperative activities, and v) possibilities of merging the two organizations.

Needless to say, many of these things will take time for us to work out, but it's clear that there is some "low hanging" fruit for us to pick immediately. As this happens, we will jointly inform our respective members.

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