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Sorel Reisman: Jan 2011 blog


I’d like to invite IEEE Computer Society members and nonmembers who want to communicate with me to use the threaded discussions on  this website, The President’s Discussion Corner.  Each month, I’ll post a very short video blog about an issue, announcement, or topic of interest, controversy, or importance that I invite you to comment on.  If there are other things you want to discuss, or communicate with me about, please use the Member Feedback link to post your comments.   The videos and discussions will be archived and available for revisiting throughout the year.

Note too that I’ve  launched a new Twitter site: @ieeeCSPresident.  I will be using Twitter throughout the year to share my ideas, insights, and observations as I proudly represent all members of the IEEE Computer Society at conferences, chapter meetings, and other CS-related events.  Follow me by clicking here: Follow ieeeCSPresident on Twitter.  Please let me know what you think about this too.

As I said in my column in the January 2011 issue of Computer, the volunteers and staff try very hard to meet our members’ needs, but we need your input to be sure we’re doing a good job for you.

Please stay in touch.


Sorel Reisman, 2011 President