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This month's topics include:

1. ICCV 2011: Call for Participation

2. November PAMI-TC Meeting

3. Nominations for Computer Society Awards 4. ACM Inforsys Foundation Award 5. PAMI-TC Linkedin Group 6. How to Unsubscribe from this List




Call for Participation: 13th International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2011)


November 6th - 13th, Barcelona Spain


Late registration for ICCV is still available at the following rates:

IEEE Member: 800 EUR

Non-IEEE Member: 1,000 EUR

Student: 350 EUR


For more information, please visit: http://www.iccv2011.org/




The next PAMI-TC meeting will be from 8pm to 10pm on Wed., Nov. 9 during ICCV 2011 in Barcelona. Please send suggestions for agenda items to the PAMI-TC Chair:




We encourage nominations from the PAMI-TC for the Computer Society's major awards. Nominations are due 15 October.


The Harry H. Goode Award recognizes achievements in the information processing field, either a single contribution of theory, design or technique, or the accumulation of important contributions. Past recipients include Howard Aiken, Konrad Zuse, John Mauchly, Mateo Valero, Gene Amdahl, and Leonard Kleinrock.



The W. Wallace McDowell Award honors outstanding recent theoretical, design, educational, practical, innovative contributions within the computing field. Past recipients include Tim Berners-Lee, Yale Patt, Ken Kennedy, Daniel Slotnick, Maurice Wilkes, and Donald Knuth.



The Technical Achievement Award is presented for outstanding and innovative contributions to computer and information science and engineering or computer technology, usually within the past 10, and not more than 15 years.



The Society is also seeking nominees for its education awards:


The Computer Science and Engineering Undergraduate Education Award is presented for outstanding contributions to undergraduate education through teaching and service. Past recipients included Ben Hescott, Judy Robertson, Elizabeth Burd, Darrin Hanna, and Alan Clements.



The Taylor L. Booth Education Award is presented for an outstanding record in computer science and engineering education as evidenced by achieving recognition as a teacher, writing an influential text, and inspiring others to a career in computer science and engineering education. Past recipients include: Prith Banerjee, Harold Stone, Ed Davidson, and David Gries.





ACM Inforsys Foundation Award


Dear Colleagues,


I am writing to remind that the deadline for nominations for the ACM Inforsys Foundation Award is coming up on Nov. 30, 2011. This award is second only to the Turing Award in terms of prestige and size

($150,000 US).?? Details of the award and nomination process are here:



The award is for early and mid-career researchers. A strong nomination should demonstrate innovation (the candidate launched new areas of research), influence (work that is highly cited and followed up on by other researchers), high impact (work that shapes practice as well as theory), and broad recognition (letters of support from well-known senior scientists from multiple institution).


If you are a senior researcher, please consider leading or contributing to a nomination.? If you are an early or mid-career researcher who meets the criteria above, please discuss this opportunity with senior colleagues.? While the quality of nominations received by the awards committee is high, the actual number of nominations received in recent years is surprisingly modest, so every strong nominee has a significant chance.



Prof. Henry Kautz, Chair, ACM Inforsys Foundation Award Committee Department of Computer Science Computer Studies Building Room 709 University of Rochester Box 270226 Rochester, NY 14627




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