PAMI TC January 2003 Newsletter

		IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on
		  Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence

			      6 January 2003

This edition of the PAMI TC newsletter is being sent to the PAMI TC email list
and to the list of attendees from CVPR 2001 and ICCV 2001.


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Call for Papers at Upcoming PAMI-TC-sponsored Conferences and Workshops
	Workshops affiliated with CVPR 2003
	ICCV 2003

Call for Proposals
	Workshops affiliated with ICCV 2003


PAMI Technical Committee (PAMI-TC) INFORMATION

The web page for the PAMI-TC is located at

Questions, comments, and suggestions for the PAMI-TC should be sent to the
current TC chair:

	Chuck Dyer

	Department of Computer Sciences   Office  6379 Comp Sci & Stat Bldg
	University of Wisconsin-Madison   Tel     +1 608-262-1965
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	Madison, WI  53706-1685           Dept    +1 608-262-1204
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If you are a member of the IEEE Computer Society, you can join the PAMI-TC by
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			Calls for Papers for
  		Workshops Affiliated with CVPR 2003

The following workshops will take place in conjunction with the 2003 Computer
Vision and Pattern Recognition Conference (CVPR 2003).  Current information on
all workshops is available at

The paper submission deadlines listed below are tentative and may
NOT be completely up to date. For up-to-date deadline information please
consult the above web page and the workshops' own web pages. For
additional information about a particular workshop or if no workshop
link is given, contact the workshop organizers directly.
For general information on workshops, contact the CVPR Workshops Chair,
Kim Boyer,

Date(s)	   Submission deadline	Workshop

June 17	   January 13		Event Mining: Detection and Recognition of
				  Events in Video
				Contacts: I. Haritaoglu,
				          T. Sayeda-Mahmood

June 17	   February 28		Computer Vision for the Nano-Scale
				Contacts: H. Haussecker,
				          G. Sapiro,

June 17	   January 10		Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition for
				  Human Computer Interaction
				Contacts: A. Martinez,
				          H. Tan,

June 17	   January 31		Applications of Computer Vision in Archaeology
				Contacts: B. Kimia,
				          L. Van Gool,
					  D. Cooper,

June 21	   February 15		Omnidirectional Vision and Camera Networks
				Contacts: R. Pless,
				          H. Santos-Victor,
					  Y. Yagi,

June 21	   February 28		Document Image Analysis and Retrieval
				Contacts: V. Govindaraju,
					  R. Manmatha,

June 21-22  January 10		Multi-Object Tracking
				Contacts: J. Krumm,
				          D. Beymer,

June 21-22  ??			Perceptual Organization in Computer Vision
				Contacts: A. Hoogs,
				          G. Medioni,

June 22	   February 14		Statistical Analysis in Computer Vision
				Contacts: T. Boult,
				          R. Michaels,

June 22	   February 7		Learning in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition
				Contacts: B. Bhanu,
				          B. Draper,
					  J. Peng,



2003 International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV 2003)
Beijing, China
October 12-18, 2003

ICCV 2003 will be held at the Beijing Hotel, an historic hotel in downtown
Beijing, next to Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and the Wangfujin
Shopping District.

Paper registration deadline:  March 3, 2003
Paper submission deadline: March 7, 2003

More details can be found at

Plan early to attend the conference and associated pre- and post-conference
workshops. October is the best time to visit Beijing. So bring your family
as well. Courtesy shuttle buses for family members sightseeing and shopping will be
provided by ICCV 2003. In addition, there will be workshops at other cities
outside Beijing, including Taipei and Hong Kong.

Katsu Ikeuchi (Program Co-Chair)
Olivier Faugeras (Program Co-Chair)
Jitendra Malik (Program Co-Chair)
Songde Ma (General Co-Chair)
Harry Shum (General Co-Chair)



                        Call for Proposals
          for Workshops to be Affiliated with ICCV 2003


The ICCV 2003 Organizing Committee is soliciting requests for
proposals for workshops to be held in conjunction with ICCV 2003
(Beijing, China, October 14-17, 2003). It is recommended that
proposals be submitted by Feb 15, 2003. Proposals should include:

     o Title
     o Chair and organizing committee
     o Expected duration (one day, two day)
     o Description and rationale for the workshop (topic areas, goals)
     o Format (submitted papers?, invited papers?, posters?, demos?)
     o Proceedings?
     o Estimated attendance
     o Location
     o Proposed dates

Please send your proposals to:

     Jim Rehg                            Yi-Ping Hung
     College of Computing                Dept. of Computer Science
     Georgia Institute of Technology     National Taiwan University