TC on Engineering of Computer Based Sytems

The TC on Engineering of Computer Based Systems (TCECBS) promotes the discipline of the ECBS through technical meetings, workshops, conferences and technical publications. More specifically, it promotes the development of standard ECBS representations and processes; facilitates research in the field; encourages development of an interdisciplinary academic discipline; establishes a framework for education and training in ECBS; serves as a forum for knowledge, practice and research; and encourages international participation.  ECBS is a new inter-disciplinary branch of engineering, merging and considering simultaneously disciplines and techniques in areas such as systems engineering, computing, software engineering, electronics, communications, human-system interfacing, and management.

Engineering of Computer Based Systems TC Chair

Roy Sterritt
School of Computing and Mathematics
Faculty of Engineering
University of Ulster
County Antrim
Northern Ireland
Phone: +44 28 90368198