TCDE 2014 Chair Election Candidates:

TC on Data Engineering

The TC on Data Engineering (TCDE) is concerned with the role of data in the design, development, management, and utilization of information systems. Issues of interest include database design; knowledge of the data and its processing; languages to describe data, define access, and manipulate databases; strategies and mechanisms for data access, security, and integrity control; and engineering services and distributed systems. The TC sponsors the Data Engineering Conference and cosponsors the International Conference on Very Large Data Bases. It is involved with other conferences, symposia, and workshops, and publishes a quarterly newsletter.

Data Engineering TC Chair

Dr. Kyu-Young Whang

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
373-1 Koo-Sung Dong, Yoo-Sung Ku
Daejeon 305-701
Phone: +82-42-350-35223

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