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Awards 0 2 Access from Desktop
CAC Documents
Subfolders: 2009 Savannah Meeting, 2010 Denver Meeting
2 0 Access from Desktop
Life Science Initiative
IEEE Life Science Initiative materials. Contact Carrie Walsh with questions.
0 2 Access from Desktop
T & C Governance
Policy, Procedures, Plans, Action Items, Meeting Minutes

Subfolders: 2010 BOG TandC Meeting Agendas_Denver, 2011, 2012, 2013, T & C Meeting Agenda, Attendance, Action Items, Reports, Minutes, More »
7 13 Access from Desktop
T & C Recommendations
Recommendations to implementation into T and C Strategies, Plans, Initiatives,

Subfolders: BoG Meetings June 2009
1 13 Access from Desktop
T and C Handbook files 0 8 Access from Desktop
T&C Board and TC Chair Directory
Current TC Chairs and T&C Board Members
0 0 Access from Desktop
TAC Files
Subfolders: 2011, 2012 Files
2 0 Access from Desktop
TC - New Chair Files
Example documents and other resources for new TC Chairs.
0 8
TC Elections
Subfolders: TCBIS, TCCLS, TCDE, TCDL, TCDP, More »
14 1 Access from Desktop
TC Files
Reports, Plans, and other files.

Subfolders: 2009 Annual Reports - TCs, 2010 Operating Plans - TCs, 2011 TC Reports, 2012 TC Reports, 2013 TC Reports, More »
6 2 Access from Desktop
TMH Files 0 1 Access from Desktop
TMRC Documents
Technical Meeting Request Committee. Documents related to Conference Budgets, currently Computer Society's CIMA. MOUs for Financial Co-sponsorship, Technical Co-sponsorship and In-cooperation (ACM).

Subfolders: Insurance, W8, W9, 1042, COI, COA
2 1 Access from Desktop
Thesaurus Project
Files and resources associated with Stephanie White's work on the IEEE Thesaurus.
0 2 Access from Desktop
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