Emerging Technologies

At the November 2000 TAB meeting, we identified a collection of emerging technologies which we might wish to address.  

Potential Emerging Technologies:

Embedded Wireless
Systems on a Chip
Formal Verification
Synergy between Tech and Culture (e.g. storytelling)
Post-silicon Computing (Bio-quantam?)
Is your Computer Alive? (Androids)
Nano-technology (or, alternatively, "molecular and quantum computing")
Mobile Computing
Pervasive Computing
Automatic Self-repair (reconfigurable)
Microscopic Systems
Sub-micron Machines
Semiformal and Formal Spec--integration
Hew HCI (voice control)
Human Information Interaction
Future Forums


Now, if we pick 2 or 3 of interest, what do we do with them? Here are some suggestions, but we need more:

Attempt to find a champion, one of the top in the field
Put together a Communities web page, pointing to existing relevant    
With the help of a champion, put together a Community
Have the community generate a Task Force
Start a Task Force (without going through the community process)
Suggest articles and/or authors for publication in Computer

Vote for Your Preferences:

Your comments and insights are valuable. Please let us know which technologies you feel merit our attention, and how you think we should address them:

     Send email to our Emerging Technologies Chair