IEEE Computer Society TCPP Chair

Ajay Gupta

Position Statement

First of all, isn’t my competition great? I think others seeking the position would do a great job. Nevertheless, I think I could do a better one. I bring that extra something – the extra desire for the position, and the extra ideas to take initiative.
The reason I have extra desire for the position is that one of my primary goals is to promote parallel processing – the field and its ubiquity, the people working in it, and the funding allocated to it. As TCPP chair I would be in the best position to reach one of my primary goals, and I pride myself on my ability to achieve my goals. Therefore, you can be assured I will work my hardest to energize the community, sponsoring the best conferences and creating the right incentives to foster innovation and involvement.
But in addition to the regular tasks, I have several extra ideas. I would like to promote the interdisciplinary needs of parallel and distributed computing. I will initiate the development of curricular standards of parallel computing education to effect its integration into related disciplines such as finance, bioinformatics, computational science and engineering. I also want to continue the great work our past chair, Sushil Prasad, has begun on building curricular standards to incorporate parallel processing into undergraduate computer studies. In addition, I plan on fundraising to create annual awards for the best masters project and doctoral dissertation in the field. An annual “parallel and distributed programming” competition should certainly attract more students to our field. Finally, I plan on increasing opportunities for undergraduate student involvement with TCPP sponsored conferences and meetings.
This means you can be assured I will go above-and-beyond representing TCPP at the IEEE Computer Society Technical Activities Board, overseeing TCPP sponsorships of various conferences and publications, coordinating outstanding awards and publishing timely newsletters. I have over 20 years of organizational experience including time as department chair, as a planner with the International Conference on High Performance Computing (HiPC), and as a promoter of international twinning programs.    Moreover, I have been a researcher during those twenty years, so I have the knowledge and network to identify the right speakers, identify the right volunteers, encourage the right meetings to accept TCPP sponsorship, and encourage a large number of people to join TCPP.
Finally, we all recognize that parallel processing researchers also
study things like architecture, distributed processing, compilers, networks and application domains to achieve high performance computing. Therefore, one of my main priorities will be to increase collaboration with sister societies and work with my counterparts of other IEEE and ACM committees.
Please feel free to e-mail me at if you have any questions. I will be most appreciative of your support as I run for the position of IEEE-TCPP chair.
Ajay Gupta


Ajay Gupta received his B.E. (Honors) in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences, Pilani, India in 1982, his M.S. in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of Cincinnati in 1984, and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Purdue University in 1989. He joined Western Michigan University in 1989 where he is currently a Professor of Computer Science. From 1998 to 2002, he was the Chairman of the Department of Computer Science at Western Michigan University.
Dr. Gupta's research interests include parallel computing, sensor systems, cloud computing, evolutionary computation, and scientific computing. He has published numerous technical papers and book chapters in various conferences and journals in these areas. A paper he co-authored, "Adaptive Integration Using Evolutionary Strategies," won the Best Paper award in the International Conference on High Performance Computing in 1996. Another paper he co-authored, "Lightweight Intrusion Detection for Sensor Networks," received Honorable mention at the CERIAS Information Security Symposium in 2006. He also holds joint copyright for the parallel and distributed automatic numerical integration software package, ParInt 1.1 and a provisional patent for a wireless blood glucose monitoring device.
Dr. Gupta has also been quite active in the professional community. He has helped organize major conferences, served on review panels of various funding agencies, and has been a reviewer and program committee member of numerous conferences and journals. He has been involved with the TCPP activities for over ten years, serving as a finance chair of the International Conference on High Performance Computing and in various other related roles at HiPC since 1996.
At a local and regional level, he has served on many college and university-wide committees including the CEAS Strategic Planning, College Curriculum, and Academic Integrity. He was also instrumental in the move of the Department of Computer Science from the College of Arts and Sciences to the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. In addition, he initiated and propelled research in parallel and distributed computing at Western Michigan University throughout 1990s. He has also helped build research teams, obtain research and equipment funding, assisted in managing high-performance computing infrastructure, and developed senior and graduate level courses in the parallel processing areas.
Dr. Gupta is a senior member of the IEEE and member of the IEEE Computer Society, the IEEE Communications Society, the ASEE, and the ACM.
His web presence is at