APPENDIX II – Technical Committee and Task Force Vitality Review

The T&C Board will review all Technical Committees (TCs) and Task Forces (TFs) once a year to evaluate their health, influence in the field, and vitality. These reviews will look for opportunities to promote new and ongoing TC activities as well as provide assistance, calls for participation, and other support where possible. When there are multiple areas of concern (limited activities, no conferences, etc.) within a TC, the T&C Board may decide to sunset the TC or merge it with another TC.

The following are facets of the most successful TCs and are therefore criteria used by the T&C Board when deciding promotion and sunsetting of TFs and TCs, respectively.

Criteria For TF Promotions (Facets of a Healthy TC):
  • Demonstrate a consistent and active Executive Committee, with variance in academic/industry and geographic distribution
  • Demonstrate consistent participation in and sponsorship of conference(s)
  • Demonstrated ongoing generation of relevant IP
  • Demonstration of consistent and ongoing growth in paid conference attendance and generation of surplus from conference(s)
  • Demonstration of regular communications to membership, and maintenance of a current TC Web portal
  • Demonstration of membership growth
  • Demonstration of active and ongoing collaboration with other technical committees and organizations in developing activities without significant overlap
  • Regular, consistent, on-time submission of an annual report to membership
  • Regular attendance at yearly Technical Activities Committee (TAC) meeting
Recommendation for promotion from Task Force to Technical Committee is contingent on vote of TAC (membership includes all TC chairs) where majority approve of promotion, followed by VP of T&C recommendation to the Board of Governors
Task Forces exist at the discretion of the T&C Board Vice President, therefore:
  • Sunsetting is done by the T&C Board VP, in some cases after asking for (non-binding) approval/discussion by the T&C Board.
  • Promotion to TC is done with TAC Committee approval, followed by (binding) T&C Board approval (thus no veto by the T&C Board VP), and final approval from the Computer Society Board of Governors (BOG).

After two years as a TF, those TFs seeking TC status, will need to speak to the above features in their presentation to the TAC meeting before the committee votes on the promotion (for more information, see Section 3.1 of T&C Handbook). However, it is possible that the TF may not demonstrate each and every one of these features, but is still promotable. It is recommended that TFs seeking promotion contact the TAC chair approximately two months in advance of the annual face-to-face meeting so that they may be included on the agenda and their proposal reviewed by the TAC. If, after two years, no such promotion has occurred, the TF will be notified by the T&C VP that its term will end on December 31st of that year, or that an additional, final, one-year grace period may be granted.

Criteria For TC Sunsetting:
  • Lack of active, diverse and engaged Executive Committee, and/or lack of timely democratic elections
  • Having few or no conferences, does not generate relevant IP, or does not pay admin fees
  • Does not submit annual report to membership
  • Web portal is out of date
  • Unable to demonstrate significant activities (e.g., sponsorship of only one conference with little growth and no other TC activities)
  • Unable to demonstrate growth in TC membership
  • Does not attend yearly Technical Activities Committee meeting
  • Has not launched significant new initiatives during last two years
  • Impact/significance of TC technical area is shrinking due to change in technology
  • Unable to generate enough revenue to earn a $5,000.00 allocation (roughly the amount for sustaining TC activities)
TC sunsetting is done with (binding) T&C Board recommendation based on review of the above criteria (looking back at 2 of past 3 years).