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The following persons served as Associate Editors for either the Trial version published in 2001 or for the 2004 version.


Software Requirements
Peter Sawyer and Gerald Kotonya, Computing Department, Lancaster University, UK, {p.sawyer}{g.kotonya}

Software Design
Guy Tremblay, Département d’informatique, UQAM, Canada,

Software Construction
Steve McConnell, Construx Software, USA,
Terry Bollinger, the MITRE Corporation, USA,
Philippe Gabrini, Département d’informatique, UQAM, Canada,
Louis Martin, Département d’informatique, UQAM, Canada,

Software Testing
Antonia Bertolino and Eda Marchetti, ISTI-CNR, Italy, {antonia.bertolino}{eda.marchetti}

Software Maintenance
Thomas M. Pigoski, Techsoft Inc., USA,
Alain April, École de technologie supérieure, Canada,

Software Configuration Management
John A. Scott, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA,
David Nisse, USA,

Software Engineering Management
Dennis Frailey, Raytheon Company, USA,
Stephen G. MacDonell, Auckland University of technology, New Zealand,
Andrew R. Gray, University of Otago, New Zealand

Software Engineering Process
Khaled El Emam, served while at the Canadian National Research Council, Canada,

Software Engineering Tools and Methods
David Carrington, School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering, The University of Queensland, Australia,

Software Quality
Alain April, École de technologie supérieure, Canada,
Dolores Wallace, retired from the National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA,
Larry Reeker, NIST, USA,

References Editor
Marc Bouisset, Département d’informatique, UQAM,


Associate Editors are responsible for

  • identifying the topics within the assigned Knowledge Area,

  • identifying reference material for each topic.

The criteria for selecting Associate Editors are

  • Knowledge in the Area;

  • Availability for the period scheduled;

  • Motivation to put forth the effort required;

  • Flexibility, considering the large number of comments that will be made about their work;

  • Fluency in English;

  • Rigor in processing the comments and preparing the comment disposition reports;

  • Recommendation of at least one member of the Editorial Team or the Industrial Advisory Board. 

Other considerations

  • We are looking for international representation.

  • We are not necessarily looking for stars in each field because these individuals are usually very busy, and also because the associate editors will have to select reference material. There is a potential for conflict of interest if his or her reference material is selected