File Extensions and Their Meanings

.arj      relatively uncommon archive file
.bak    backup file
.bin     binhex file—Macintosh
.bmp   bitmap file
.cca     cc:Mail archive file
.cdr     Corel Draw data file
.cfg     configuration file
.cnt     MS Office file
.com   command file
.cpl     current privilege level file for WWW
.dat    data file
.dbf    database file
.dir     directory
.dll     dynamic link library—Windows file system
.doc   MS Word document
.dos   DOS file
.dot    MS Word template
.drv    printer driver file
.eps   encapsulated PostScript file
.exe   executable file—a program
.fon    font file
.ftg    MS Office file
.gid    MS Access file
.gif     graphics interchange format—an art file
.gz     G-zipped file—Unix-based compressed file
.hgx   Harvard Graphics file
.hlp    help file
.hqx   BinHex compressed file
.htm or .html    hypertext file—WWW page file
.ico    icon file
.inf     information file
.ini     initialization file—Windows file
.jpg   JPEG image file
.kbd  keyboard layout file
.lan   local area network file—a Novell system file
.lha   relatively uncommon archive file
.lo     QuarkXPress document—Macintosh
.log   log file
.lst    list file
.lzh   relatively uncommon archive file
.mim  mime-encoded file
.mpl   MS Project data file
.mpg  MPEG image file
.msg  message file
.nlm   NetWare Loadable Module—Novell
.nls    NetWare License Server—Novell
.pcd   photo CD file
.pct    PICT graphic
.pcx   PC Paintbrush graphic
.pdf   portable document format file—Adobe Acrobat
.pdr   printer description file—Macintosh
.pfb   Adobe printer font—binary
.pfm  Adobe printer font—metric
.pif    program information file—Windows shortcut file
.png  portable network graphics—image file format
.ppa  PowerPoint presentation file
.ppd  PostScript printer definition file
.ppt   PowerPoint document
.prn   MS Word print file—PostScript format
.ps    PostScript file
.psd   Adobe Photoshop native format file
.pub   MS Publisher document
.qxp   QuarkXPress document
.reg   registry file—Windows file systems
.rtf     rich text format—a form of text formatting
.rul     cc:Mail rule file
.sam  AmiPro file
.smi   system management interrupt—Intel
.sty   LaTeX style file
.swp  Windows swap file
.sys   DOS/Windows system file
.tar    tape archive file—Unix-based compressed file
.taz    .tar file that has been .z compressed
.tbl    Adobe table editor file
.tex   LaTeX file—a form of text formatting
.tif     tagged information format file—an image file
.tlb    MS Office executable file
.tmp  temporary file—Windows applications
.ttf    TrueType font file
.txt    text file, usually plain ASCII
.vbx   Visual Basic file
.vxd   virtual driver file—Windows
.wav  wave sound file
.wk1  Lotus 123 spreadsheet file
.wks  MS Works file
.wmf  Windows metafile—a graphics file
.wpd  WordPerfect document
.wpg  WordPerfect graphic
.wq1  Quattro Pro spreadsheet
.wri    MS Write document
.ws2  WordStart 2 document
.xls    Excel spreadsheet file
.xtg   QuarkXPress document—PC
.z      compressed file from a Unix-based system
.zip   compressed file from WinZip
.zoo  relatively uncommon archive file