eBooks of IEEE Computer Society Periodicals

The IEEE Computer Society makes available eBooks of periodicals in the EPUB file format to individual subscribers starting with 2011 issues and going foward.

EPUB files can be download from the IEEE Computer Society Digital Library (CSDL) by individual subscribers once they have logged in. Once logged in, subscribers can browse to the table-of-contents page of an issue and click "Download full issue eBook (EPUB)" to download the entire issue as an eBook.

Once downloaded, the eBook can be viewed by transfering the file to any device that supports the EPUB file format, or by importing the EPUB file into an EPUB reading application on your desktop. Several applications that support reading EPUB files and the devices they can be found on are listed below. This is not a comprehensive list.

For questions or comments about the IEEE Computer Society eBooks of periodicals, please give feedback using the CSDL feeback form.