IEEE Computer Society - Keywords - Data

E.0 General
E.1Data Structures
E.2Data Storage Representations
E.3Data Encryption
E.4Coding and Information Theory

E.0 General
E.0.a Data communications aspects
E.0.b Data dependencies
E.0.c Data encryption
E.0.d File organization
E.0.e Knowledge and data engineering tools and techniques
E.0.f System applications and experience

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E.1 Data Structures
E.1.a Arrays
E.1.b Distributed data structures
E.1.c Distributed file systems
E.1.d Graphs and networks
E.1.e Lists, stacks, and queues
E.1.f Records
E.1.g Tables
E.1.h Trees

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E.2 Data Storage Representations
E.2.a Composite structures
E.2.b Contiguous representations
E.2.c Hash-table representations
E.2.d Linked representations
E.2.e Object representation
E.2.f Primitive data items

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E.3 Data Encryption
E.3.a Code breaking
E.3.b DES
E.3.c Public key cryptosystems
E.3.d Standards

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E.4 Coding and Information Theory
E.4.a Data compaction and compression
E.4.b Error control codes
E.4.c Normal models of communication
E.4.d Nonsecret encoding schemes

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E.5 Files
E.5.a Backup/recovery
E.5.b Optimization
E.5.c Organization/structure
E.5.d Sorting/searching

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E.m Miscellaneous

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This is an extended version of the ACM Computing Classification System
Copyright (c) 2002 ACM, used with permission

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