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Expect Everything (And Everyone) To Communicate

Communications networks are everywhere, and everyone and everything can access them easily, from people in remote locations to the most mundane household appliances. Read more   

Internet of Things in Reach

From meat thermometers monitored with a smartphone to Wi-Fi-equipped dog collars, devices and services in homes and businesses are increasingly being connected to the Internet, a long-awaited trend that is causing a surge of optimism in the tech sector. Read more

2014 Top Tech Predictions from IEEE Computer Society

IEEE Computer Society forecasts the top 10 technology trends for 2014. Read more  

With Big Data Comes Big Responsibility

Amidst the optimism at the recent IEEE Computer Society's Rock Stars of Big Data symposium at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, Calif., there were also stark about warnings about the dark side of the new technology. Read more

Computer Programmer Among Jobs With Big Pay Raises

Don Shafer, IEEE Computer Society Vice President of Professional Activities, talked to CNN Money about why computer programmer is among the job titles with the largest pay raises in the past 30 years. Read more

Companies Grapple With Big Data Challenges

Baseline magazineExecutives must build a strategy and framework that plugs into the "velocity of analysis and the velocity of actions" required in today's world, says Josh Greenbaum, principal at Enterprise Applications Consulting and author of IEEE's "Computing Now" blog. Read more

Conference Publishing Services Adds E-Book Service

EXPO MagazineIEEE Computer Society's Conference Publishing Services division will now offer conference attendees published proceedings in an e-book format for easy access. Read more
Some of the most successful big data innovators are wiredcoming together to define some of the key issues and advances in big data at a high-level/high-relevance event called Rock Stars of Big Data. Read more 

Computer Society Launches Personalized Content Tool

IEEE Computer Society has introduced a new personalized information aggregation tool. Called myComputer, the specialized paid content generator lets users download 24 articles or papers per year with the option to purchase 12 additional articles. Read more

While women have made gains in many other professions, they are still quite under-represented in engineering and computing. Jane Prey of the IEEE Computer Society Board of Governors is working to change that. Read more

Wiretaps Through Software Hacks to Get Legal Scrunity

Government and legal experts are evaluating a proposal first suggested in an IEEE Security & Privacy article by Steven Bellovin, Matt Blaze, and Susan Landau to let law enforcement exploit existing Web software vulnerabilities to plant wiretaps. "Going Bright: Wiretapping without Weakening Communications Infrastructure" points out that CALEA won't translate well to the Internet because the law was written with phone switching networks in mind. Read more

Computer Takes on the Gender Gap

IEEE Computer Society dedicated its March issue of Computer magazine to the challenge of attracting more women to the field of computing. Articles covered mentoring, gender-based barriers, the importance of preuniversity computer science education and strategies for encouraging diversity. Read more

Is There a Healthcare Cloud on the Horizon?

Cloud computing has had limited acceptance in many market sectors, particularly healthcare, despite its relentless promotion over the last five years. IT Pro's Thomas Jepsen weighs in on the TechTarget HealthIT Exchange. Read more

Ten Game-Changing Tech Trends for 2013

This is the time of year when an abundance of predictions lists come out. Some stand out from the crowd, including the following 10 predictions from the IEEE Computer Society, a respected community for technology leaders. The predictions reveal fresh, forward-thinking perspectives. Read more »

Thomas M. Conte Voted 2014 President-Elect

Thomas M. Conte, first vice president for Publications and professor of Computer Science and Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology, has been voted IEEE Computer Society 2014 president-elect. Read more »

How Transparent Should Cloud Computing Be?

How transparent should cloud computing be? Mooney Sherman, a member of the IEEE Computer Society Special Technical Community on Cloud Computing, explains in her new TechTarget column. Read more »

Ten Game-Changing Tech Trends for 2013

This is the time of year when an abundance of predictions lists come out. Some stand out from the crowd, including the following 10 predictions from the IEEE Computer Society, a respected community for technology leaders. The predictions reveal fresh, forward-thinking perspectives. Read more »

Technologies Of The Future: 5 Trends To Watch For 2013

IEEE Computer Society 2013 President David Alan Grier talks to Forbes about what the future holds from a technology advancement perspective. Read more »

NFC Lets You Leave Cash, Credit Cards at Home

Electronic Design"Although NFC standards are already well defined and developed, additional progress is needed in point-of-sale infrastructure integration to fully realize the technology's potential," says Ron Vetter, IEEE Computer Society member and founder of Mobile Education LLC. "Because mobile payments will likely be the big driver for NFC, addressing customer concerns with security and privacy will also play an important role in how rapidly the technology is adopted." Read more »

Free and Cheap Ways to Study for Certification Exams

ComputerworldThere are plenty of free and low-cost resources that can help you study for certification exams, and depending on your circumstances, there may be other ways you can cut expenses. Read more »

IEEE Computer Society Helps Reduce Training Costs

Providing training and development programs to employees is an essential part of any successful business, but the investment can be pricey. It costs about US $1000 a year to train an employee, according to the American Society for Training and Development. To help companies get a handle on such costs, the IEEE Computer Society has launched two new programs. Read more »

Remapping Computer Circuitry to Avert Bottlenecks

In an article published in Computer, Parthasarathy Ranganathan, a Hewlett-Packard electrical engineer, offers a radical alternative to today's computer designs that would permit new designs for consumer electronics products as well as the next generation of supercomputers, known as exascale processors. IEEE Computer Society seeks nominees for the position of IEEE Division V Delegate-Director-elect. Read more »

Seymour Cray Ushered in Era of Supercomputers

When supercomputer pioneer Seymour Cray set his mind on designing more powerful machines, he eliminated distractions. Cray (1925-96) often worked late at night when no one was around to bother him. He avoided company meetings, public relations and chitchat, all of which he felt were a waste of time and energy. He even turned down an invitation from the White House. Read more »