Free Storage Webinar Scheduled for Friday

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 22 February, 2012 – Think Friday University will hold a free webinar Friday on techniques for reducing data for primary storage.

The hour-long webinar, “Data Reduction Techniques for Primary Storage,” will begin at 10 a.m. IST/04:30 GMT. It will be led by Jody Glider, a storage system architect, developer, and researcher for the past 32 years. Glider helped build one of the first dual-path storage controllers, one of the first commercial RAID controllers, and the IBM SAN volume controller.

Glider’s main focus at the IBM Almaden Research Center is on energy-efficient storage systems, with a special emphasis over the past two years on data-reduction techniques for active data stored in primary storage systems.
The webinar is sponsored by the IBM India Storage Lab, IBM Academy of Technology, University Relations India, and IEEE. To register, visit or email Akim Kilong at

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