Computer Society Thanks CSDA Refresh Volunteers

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 20 December, 2011 – Thirty Eight IEEE Computer Society volunteers from universities, government agencies, and the private sector contributed efforts to refreshing the Certified Software Development Associate certification to bring it in line with current practices and other Computer Society software development offerings.

The 14-month effort began with a job requirements analysis that led to the framework for the new examination, which will be available to test-takers in 2012. Items from the existing CSDA examination were reviewed in October 2010 to see how many would be relevant for the new examination. The process of writing and reviewing 292 new items was initiated in March 2011.

The new examination brings the CSDA in alignment with Version 3 of the Guide to the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK) and current software engineering industry trends. These changes will maintain the CSDA’s standing with ISO-IEC standards for software engineering certifications.

The CSDA refresh is also part of an effort to create consistency between the CSDA and the Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP) credential, Version 3 of the SWEBOK Guide, and the SE 2004 Curriculum.

The Computer Society would like to thank the following volunteers who contributed to this project:
• Jim Albers, Towers Watson
• Don Bagert, Southeast Missouri State University
• Eddie Burris, University of Missouri-Kansas City
• Anthony Candarini, MTA/New York City Transit
• Sutap Chatterjee, Verizon Communications
• Kwangnam Cho, Samsung Electronics
• A.R. Davis, Partner Software Inc.
• Susan Frank
• Lucy Garcia, Northrop Grumman
• Thomas Gust, Tybrin Corp.
• Jill Hamada, Fluor Signature Services
• Marcus Hervey, Air Force Institute of Technology
• Sateesh Kalidass, Bosch
• Peter Knoke, University of Alaska-Fairbanks
• Timothy Lethbridge, University of Ottawa
• Julie Lobur
• Oscar Mondragon, Software Industry Excellence Center, Monterrey Institute of Technology & Education
• James W. Moore, MITRE
• Rahat Mujib, Avant Nous Inc.
• Jordi Mulet Albiach, Wolters Kluwer Spain
• David Nall, Communication Infrastructure Development
• Steve Newman, BlueCross BlueShield Association
• Dan Pilcher
• Steve Poole, Attachmate Corp.
• Gilda Pour, San Jose State University
• Annette Reilly, Lockheed Martin Co.
• Oscar Rodriquez, Bank of America
• Dhruba Sen, GE-Transportation Systems Global Signaling
• Aura Sheffield, Engineering Solutions, Inc.
• Michael Sousa, ITT
• Andy Staats, Stryker Instruments
• Robert Stalzer, SBC Communications
• Leon Tabak, Cornell College
• Talin Tasciyan, ImgMed LLC
• Steve Tockey, Construx Software
• Michele Townley-Cochran, Raytheon
• Ervin Varga, Expro I.T. Consulting – Kikinda
• Mini S. Varghese, Antares Management Solutions

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