Conference Publishing Services Introduces New Proceedings Purchase Option

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 11 October, 2011 – Researchers can now quickly and inexpensively purchase copies of articles they have contributed to—or entire proceedings—using the IEEE Computer Society’s Instant Conference Download (ICD) service.

ICD is intended to provide contributing authors with an alternative to buying print copies of the entire proceedings in which the research article they contributed to was published. It can take up to six weeks to order and receive an article reprint. However, with ICD, authors can get electronic copies of articles or entire proceedings right away.

ICD’s major advantage is that it eliminates the weeks of waiting for hard-copy reprints. Electronic copies can be secured immediately, and ordered via the website 24x7. The electronic copies eliminate the need for storage area for hundreds of bulky paper proceedings. And they can be carried on a thumb drive instead of in a backpack or briefcase.
“The goal of ICD is the instant gratification of getting the content on the spot,” said Alicia Stickley, senior manager, Publishing Services. “You can download it as easily as downloading an album, and all of the files are managed through an HTML-based table of contents. The interface is easy and the format is totally portable."

The service is currently available for all 2011 proceedings in the Digital Library. ICD will eventually be available on proceedings going back to 2009. Prices vary, but are generally comparable to the price of ordering hard copy reprints.
To order an online ICD copy, visit, scroll down to the Proceedings section and enter your full conference name or acronym in the search box. Click on the conference proceedings title, and select the “Instant Conference Download” option on the upper right-hand side.

ICD is offered through the IEEE Computer Society's Conference Publishing Services (CPS), which produces high-quality, peer-reviewed conference publications in print, digital, and online versions and works toward making the publishing process as effortless as possible for both organizers and authors.

CPS provides professional support throughout the total publishing process, high-quality production and printing services, efficient scheduling and on-time delivery, professional marketing, indexing services, library subscription plans , post-conference sales, IEEE and IEEE Computer Society branding, and copyright/liability protection.

For more information about CPS, visit

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