Conference Publishing Service Provides Publishing Roadmap

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 10 August, 2010 – The IEEE Computer Society has launched a new tool to help conference organizers take advantage of all the benefits and services that its Conference Publishing Service has to offer. The CPS Roadmap provides inside access into the publishing process, explaining the most efficient way to get publications to the conference and uploaded to Xplore on time.

The CPS Roadmap is just the latest improvement in the Computer Society’s conference publishing service, which has been in business for more than three decades. Several years ago, CPS improved the publications process by introducing an online bid generator capable of producing unlimited quotes across six options in real-time and a web-based production engine that allows authors to submit content and program chairs to view the proceedings status around the clock.

CPS maintains high production standards, employing extensive quality control procedures and capable of providing eye-catching cover art and CD design. The automation of routine tasks lets the editorial team focus on service.

CPS Online is the Computer Society’s online collaborative conference publishing system, which is a web-based project management tool, and provides real-time online access to the status of each project.

Mike Hinchey, director of Lero, the Irish Software Engineering Research Centre, said on the conference publications he’s been involved with, CPS has always been ahead of schedule, efficient, effective, and dedicated to producing a top-quality product. “The effort required of a volunteer is greatly reduced thanks to their effective system, friendly and professional editors and the highly productive support staff. I’ve never had a problem and only have pleasant experiences working with CPS,” he said.

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