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IEEE MultiMedia serves the community of scientists, engineers, practitioners and students interested in research, development and application of novel techniques and systems for capturing, creating, understanding, accessing, delivering and adapting digital content and information across multiple media types.

The magazine is comprised of refereed articles and regular columns discussing innovative approaches
across a wide range of multimedia subjects from theory to practice. IEEE MultiMedia emphasizes timely topics with frequent special issues as well as coverage of the latest multimedia products and scientific and academic activities.

We particularly welcome contributions on:
  • Big and broad multimedia
  • Emotional and social signals in multimedia
  • Interactive multimedia
  • Media transport and delivery
  • Multimedia and society
  • Multimedia and the crowd
  • Multimedia art, entertainment and culture
  • Mobile multimedia
  • Multimedia cloud computing
  • Multimedia HCI and QoE
  • Multimedia search and recommendation
  • Multimedia security, privacy and forensics
  • Multimedia systems and middleware
  • Multimodal and cross-modal analysis and description
  • Music, speech and audio processing in multimedia
  • Pervasive multimedia
  • Social media and collective online presence

Manuscript Submissions and Guidelines

Submit your paper at If you have any questions regarding the submission system, please contact All submissions will undergo a peer review by at least two expert reviewers to ensure a high standard of quality. Referees will consider originality, significance, technical soundness, clarity of exposition, and relevance to the special issue topics. Papers must stay within the following limits: 6,500 words maximum, 12 total combined figures and tables with each figure counting as 200 words toward the total word count, and 18 references. For more information please see the Author Resources page at

Style and Editing

We encourage IEEE MultiMedia authors to write in a conversational style, presenting technical material
clearly and simply that is suitable for a readership of generalists and specialists. Authors should use
figures, tables and sidebars to explain specific points, summarize results, define acronyms, highlight critical items and guide readers to relevant external resources.

Before publication, staff editors edit all articles to meet house style and space constraints. You can expect to work closely with the editorial staff in the three to four months before the publication date; please advise us in advance of any scheduling conflicts. This interaction increases clarity, conciseness, and conformity with MultiMedia style.


IEEE MultiMedia is looking for succinct, practical, readable articles that will appeal to experts and non-experts alike.

Your article should not exceed around 6,500 words, including all text, the abstract, keywords, bibliography, biographies, and table text. Each table and figure is counted as 200 words (to account for white space needed). Any article that exceeds this word count may be rejected automatically without going through the review process. Also there should be no more than 12 figures/tables combined and no more than 18 references. Include a title page containing your submission's title and the names, affiliations, and contact information for all authors.

Contact Information

Contact Yong Rui with proposals for editorial coverage.

Yong Rui

IEEE MultiMedia
10662 Los Vaqueros Circle
Los Alamitos, CA 90720-1264
Phone: (714) 821-8380
Fax: (714) 821-4010

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