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Author Guidelines

IEEE Internet Computing is a bimonthly magazine about the engineering, science, and art of building networks and networked applications. IC's audience primarily comprises practicing engineers and academics who are looking for material that introduces new technology and broadens familiarity with current topics.

Because a skilled developer at any architectural level must be familiar with the facilities and pragmatics of the levels below, as well as the requirements of higher levels, IC covers topics from just above the details of network protocols to just below the domain-specific details of applications. 

We are also very interested in issues such as security and quality of service, which cut across layers.

IC accepts article submissions of several types:

  • Theme features related to the topics in the editorial calendar (prospective authors should consult our Calls for Papers for more);
  • Nontheme features that cover topics relevant to the magazine but not related to any of the scheduled themes;
  • Track features that present ongoing coverage of themes over the course of the year; and 
  • Department articles that present tutorials and surveys in a range of subject areas. (Consult the department guidelines for details).

How to Submit a Manuscript

The IEEE Computer Society now employs a secure, Web-based manuscript submission and peer-review tracking system. Authors must use Manuscript Central to upload their submissions. First-time users must create a new account.

Please see our submission guidelines and requirements located in the Author Center, which includes specific details on what IEEE Internet Computing magazine requires when submitting a manuscript. These include word length, file types, and whom to contact.

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