Frequently asked questions from authors

What if I want to use a keyword that is not in the ACM taxonomy? Can I make up one of my own?
Does ScholarOne Manuscripts expedite the peer review process? What is its benefit to me?
How can I check the status of my paper?
How long do I have before a partially submitted manuscript is deleted from ScholarOne Manuscripts?
Is there a limit to the number of papers that I can submit?
Can I submit my paper as an email attachment?
How long does it take for the confirmation email to be sent when I submit a manuscript?
If I request/exclude reviewers, will those individuals be used?
Can I post a copy of my submitted paper on my personal, or my employer's Web site?
Is there a limit to how large uploaded files can be? How many files may I upload for my manuscript submission?
Do you need a copy of any preliminary versions? What if it was just an international workshop or an abstract that was published elsewhere?
How do I know this site is secure? Exactly who will have access to my paper?
I noticed that there was a mistake in my submitted paper. Can I submit a corrected or modified version?
How can I see the reviewer comment files?

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