Author Guidelines for Multimedia Submissions

In addition to IEEE requirements, please adhere to the following guidelines when preparing multimedia files for submission:

  • Papers should be written so that they can be understood on their own without relying on multimedia incorporated into them.
  • We strongly prefer to receive all multimedia files up front with manuscripts.
  • All multimedia files should be cited in the text, referred to by their figure number, if applicable.
  • For each multimedia file, provide a figure (TIF, EPS, JPG), which will serve as a static representation of the multimedia file. Also provide an accompanying caption.
  • Please ensure that no copyrighted or inappropriate content is included in any multimedia.
  • We also reserve the right to reject overtly promotional content.
  • From our analytics, we know that most users will exit a video before 5 minutes; therefore, we recommend generally keeping lengths to 2–5 minutes.

Video Submissions

Please submit videos as H.264-encoded files at 720:480-pixel resolution.

(AVI files are no longer recommended because the wide variety of AVI codecs cannot be reliably archived.)

Audio Submissions

Acceptable file formats include

  • WAV, AIFF, MP3 (at 128 KB or greater)
  • Audio Parameters
  • 44,100 or 48,000 samples per second
  • 16 bit Stereo or Mono

General Guidelines for All Multimedia Submissions

Please adhere to the following guidelines when preparing multimedia files:

  • The acceptable file formats above work in standard media players, which should be used to check file properties and image/sound quality prior to submission. For videos, all fonts, lines, and image details should be of sufficient size and weight to be visible when played at half size.
  • Total maximum size for submitted multimedia files is 50 MBytes per paper.
  • Animations must be formatted into standard video files.

Multimedia Metadata

Authors will be asked to provide some information about their multimedia files. A caption or description of the content of the media file is required. Additional metadata as outlined below will also be requested.

  • Abstract/ description: Textual abstract/description of the content of media object.
  • Duration: This is the length of the media object playing time, in units of seconds. IFrame size: For video only (not still images), the size of the video image, as height × width in pixels. Optional.
  • Keywords: metadata to ensure that users searching your topic space will discover your media.

IEEE Requirements

Please also review all IEEE submission specifications for multimedia here:

Go to the "Specifications" section and click on "Supplemental electronic material (multimedia) overview".

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