PACE Members' Initiatives: CSTA

CSTA Educational Initiatives

Curriculum, Standards: AP, K-12 CS Standards
Teacher Professional Development: Videos, Reports, Workshops, Meetings
Outreach Resources: Posters, Brochures/Cards
Community College: yes
Curriculum: K-12 CS Standards, Model Curriculum

CSTA Professional Initiatives

Community: Annual Meetings, Regional Meetings
Job Banks: yes
Evaluation of Initiatives: yes

CSTA Advocacy Initiatives

Educating Politicians: Computing-in-Core, Leadership Cohort
Campaigns: CSEd Week Campaign, Gotta Have IT, Leadership Cohort

CSTA Communications Initiatives

Reports: yes
Research: National HS CS Survey
Newsletter: yes
International Focus: yes
Information Push to Members: yes

CSTA K12 Membership Initiatives


ACM Industry, Government Partners Initiatives