Software and Systems Engineering Committee

The Software and Systems Engineering Committee of the Professional Activities Board (PAB-SSE) is currently involved in several projects in the field of software and systems engineering. If you are interested in participating in this work, please contact the PAB-SSE Chair, Richard Fairley.

Updates on current PAB-SSE projects can be found to the right.


SWECOM Public Review Complete
The public review of the Software Engineering Competency Model (SWECOM) is complete. The team is currently adjudicating comments received during public review.

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SWEBOK V3.0 Now Available
Version 3.0 of the SWEBOK(R) Guide has received all necessary approvals and is now available in .PDF and paperback formats.

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SEBoK news

Version 1.3 of SEBoK was published on 30 May 2014 at

The Guide to the Systems Engineering Body of Knowledge (SEBoK) consists of seven parts broken into 25 knowledge areas with 114 topics, as well as five use cases, nine case studies, and six vignettes to illustrate the contents. It includes a 343-entry glossary and 232 primary references, plus hundreds more additional references. The Guide represents contributions from 70 authors around the world and comments from hundreds of reviewers.


BKCASE workshop
The Body of Knowledge and Curriculum to Advance Systems Engineering Project, commonly called "BKCASE," held its 13th workshop, a joint workshop of the editorial governing boards, in January 2014. The 14th workshop will be held in June 2014.