IEEE Computer Society Webinars

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Transformation and Innovation

Grady Booch examines the state of the practice in software architecture, examining topics such as software architecture representation, patterns, process, and governance.

Learn the Benefits of Lean Principles

Using Danish company Systematic as a case study, Poppendieck discusses how lean principles and agile practices can contribute to improved performance while developing software under contract.

Defining a True Profession

Robert Martin ponders what the software development profession will require of us, and who among us can truly claim to be professional.

Applying Agile to Executable Models

In this webinar, Stephen Mellor describes the construction of executable UML models and translation rules that map models onto multiple platforms and implementations.

Alternatives for Meeting the Challenge

Managing systems of systems is difficult. Systems may be reconfigurable, life-cycle phases out of synch, and software used to shape systems behavior. This webinar explores alternatives for meeting the challenges.

Insights from Leading Thinkers 

Delivered Directly to Your Desktop

IEEE Computer Society webinars deliver insights from some of the profession’s leading thinkers directly to your desktop. As part of our mission to advance the practice of software engineering and computer science, these online presentations feature:

  • independent, industry-leading technical authorities such as Grady Booch, Mary Poppendieck, Kent Beck, and more

  • a 60-minute technical presentation, usually including a 10-minute question-and-answer session

  • cutting-edge topics of use to today's technology professionals, software developers, and computer architects.

For $19.00 you can gain 10-time access to a webinar for 30 days. Or unlimited views for $39.00, 90-day access to the entire collection. Try a free one today.


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